Confused on what to buy

  1. Hi my name is Courtney!! I am new to this forum and i am just learning how to use this. I love Louis Vuitton bags and I am up in arms about which one to purchase. I know I want the speedy 25 but I dont know if I want the Damier or Monogram Canvas. I was wondering if anyone would maybe help me out...or input would be great. Thanks so much. Hope this is ok I am definatly new to all this forum stuff!!!:yes:
  2. i prefer the Damier, because is not as common and overrated as the Monogram, and very low-maintenance because there's no vachetta on it
  3. "and very low-maintenance because there's no vachetta on it"

    im sorry what does vachetta mean...i am so new to this?? hope i dont sound stupid
  4. vachetta is the leather that the handles and piping are made of. it can get dirty if you're not careful, and it gets darker as it oxidizes over time
  5. ok thanks so much!!!!
  6. I just got a damier speedy and I love it, I almost went with the mono..but decided to go with the damier intsead. It goes with everything and not as many people have it!!
  7. thats what i was thinking....i see so many people with the monogram....but im afraid if i get the damier i will regret it and want the monogram or the other way around!!!! but the damier is georgous....and i dont see anyone with it where i live.
  8. Just go try them both out at the boutique and then you will know!
  9. Thats what I was going to suggest too, go try them out and see which you like better. I love the monogram but I think I want it in a different style bag than the speedy. You might look at the visual thread also to see some pics :yes:
  10. Thanks so much for all your help!!! I want all the Lv bags!!! Then i wouldnt have to decide!!!
  11. also what about the alma bag??? how does everyone feel about that bag?? that would be my second pick for a bag!!
  12. Since you're new to LV, I'd start out with the classic/basic bag like the Speedys. I like both the Mono and the Damier, it's a matter of YOUR preference, I agree with Mr Posh Spice, you need to try them on yourself.:yes: I'm at a point where I've slowly built a LV collection like most of the people here so, I have all three and love them all equally. BTW, the Alma is a gorgeous practical bag, love it! Some people think it's too mature looking but, again it's a matter of preference.:shrugs:
    (16) Louis Vuitton - Speedy 35 - 605.JPG (17) Louis Vuitton - Damier Speedy 30 - (585) 620.JPG (20) Louis Vuitton - Epi Leather Alma - (970) 1040.JPG
  13. you also have to consider that the linning inside the speedy damier tends to bleed. It doesnt bother some of us who have pursekets &/or dont put any light colored wallets etc in our bags. i personally have the damier 25, i use it almost everyday
  14. I would go to the store and see what strikes you. Don't be scared to go in there with questions. They are there to help you. I think that damier is a great choice, but so is mono.
  15. YES good point rica!!!! MANY of the damier bags' linings are made out of a cherry red fabric, which in these specific bags tend to bleed to colour on to light objects IN the bag, i.e edges of light wallets or novels, I personally think its ludicrous and would suggest of you have your heart set on the damier wait until they sort it out, because they will, however lately I must say I am seeing some major quality control issues in certain LV products (i.e the less expensive or smaller items) but this will hopefully all be resolved soon so dont let it turn u off, just a bit of warning, however I'd say go with the mono anyways, and do WHAT U FEEL U NEED first, buy something that u'll enjoy until the next bag, becasue if u had ur sights on a speedy first and go for an alma, U'll just keep thinking about that speedy until you get it.