Confused on LV Date Code

On my new Melie... my date code is DU4166
I just know DU is the Factory, the 41 I think it's the week, or is it the 4 that is the week?
Because I figured 16 would be the year. That leaves the last digit 6-what does that represent? Thank you all for your help!


Aug 3, 2014
They make it so confusing!
The date codes are not meant to be seen by customers, therefore not meant to be easily understood. In fact the vast majority of LV buyers has no idea that Louis Vuitton puts date codes on its products. You'll notice that SAs never tell you about the date code. This is for internal use only so an item can be traced back to the site and time of production.

Now, of course, on TPF, we are more educated about these things than your average LV buyer. :biggrin: