Confused on Groupon use

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  1. I have been following HH's drama in and out in the past few months and their ways have become too complicated for me to follow. Hence, I am too nervous to order anything online. I do have a Groupon I would like to use but have a few questions. For those that have been following this closely and can answer my questions, I'd really appreciate some advice.

    First, I bought the Groupon (from the chicago deal? even though I'm in NYC) with the knowledge that I can use it in stores and for sale items. When I printed it in hopes to go to the store, the print out says online only. I ended up not going to store that day but would still like to know if I can use it in their boutiques.

    Also, I received a 25% off sale items coupon, and am wondering if I can pay with my groupon along with the coupon. Afterall, the groupon is to be used as cash, no? Pleae help!! TIA!
  2. Yes, you can use the Groupon with the 25% off...some others have done so I believe.

    As far as the Groupon saying good for on-line only perhaps you can call them and ask? Tell them you didn't realize when you bought it and you were so excited since you live in NYC and haven't been to their stores and thought this was a great way to try them out. They may still tell you no but you can only give it a try, they might let you and the stores seem to have things that are no longer on-line.
  3. I wish I could be of assistance but I just don't know anymore!!
    HH keeps changing their rules regarding groupons!!
    Best bet would be to shoot them an email or call customer service!
    Good Luck!
  4. I really hope they do! It would seem to make sense if they did because the very last groupon was for instores only. Then again, HH's common sense isn't very common among us, is it? LOL. The thing is, in that discussion page for the groupon I bought, the person running said it does work in stores and for sale items.

  5. Thanks Cho, at this point even a good crash course on business management would highly benefit them. I just read that you're completely free of attachment from HH. Congrats!!
  6. yeah, lina...she got caught in the HH snake pit there for a while too
  7. Thank You.... I feel so light and rejuvenated now... :lol:
  8. chodessa I am ALMOST right there with you...I'm an $80 pp refund and 2 groupons away :biggrin:

    It kind of makes me sad, though. :sad: I wish I just had my Laura tote.
  9. I have an embarrassing amount of groupons. It wouldn't have been so many, but I quit buying from them months ago....