Confused on Coach Planner

  1. I bought this planner


    Off of eBay a couple weeks ago..I love it and wanted to see if it was orderable in the Pink for a gift. I just ended up emailing Coach customer service and asking them about it. Apparently this came out in 2005?..Though I have seen them on eBay and asked the seller who sold me mine where she bought it and she said dillards. She told me she bought it with 2008 inserts and every other planner like this comes with 2008 calender brand new. Customer service also told me it was seasonally sold out in 2005. But this all doesn't make sense! How are they still drifting around...yet "sold out"???:tdown: AND with 2008 inserts?
  2. this is definately not a 2008 planner... as for the inserts u can buy them at coach for 10 to 20 bucks depending on size and stuff.. thats probably what the seller did. they might have bought it at dillards this year but probably bought it at tjmaxx i know they re popping up there still