Confused newbie

  1. Hi all, I've been lurking for the last few days. I wanted to post first in the intro, but that's locked at the moment.

    I've never been a bag person, to tell the truth, the only bag I have (apart from the laptop bag!) is a tote I bought secondhand off a friend nearly 10 years ago. My sister on the other hand is seriously bag obssessed, and has many LVs, and just purchased her first Birkin. She felt sorry for me, and bought me a Prada wallet last year to replace my no-name one which was falling apart.

    I've decided it's finally time to purchase a decent bag, after all, I'm in my 30's! DH and I are going to France in June, and I am going to come back with a LV bag. The trouble is, which one? With my sister's help I narrowed it down to two, - Epi Passy or Segur PM in red. There isn't a LV store where I live, but I do plan to visit one with sis before heading over to France. But then, I kept reading about Speedys, and how everyone should have one. Sis has a Epi Speedy and she complains about how stiff it is. Mum has a mono Speedy but has now moved on to a Damier Triana. I told sis about the Damier Speedy which is coming out, and she said that's the one I should get.

    I'm so confused. The last bag I bought cost me all of $50, and lasted me nearly 10 years, so the thought of spending a lot more, and maybe not getting something I will love is leading me to spend a lot of time on the net researching and getting even more confused.... help... :wacko:
  2. Firstly, welcome to the forum ! :biggrin:

    I'm really glad that you've decided to go with Louis Vuitton for a new bag, and you stand to save quite a bit by buying in France. Now let's talk about choices !!

    The speedy is a very classic bag, your sister's bag is made out of epi which is stiff - the monogrammed speedy is definitely more malliable and forgiving in that sense. I think the biggest downfall of the speedy is that it's not really a shoulder bag, and there are straps for it that can be bought separately, but also result in a slightly.. off look (in my personal opinion) since the straps attach to the hardware of the speedy, which is in the middle of the bag where the hardware is. If you do like handheld bags, I would definitely go with your sister's suggestion of the damier speedy, since it is a shape that will be very lasting plus the damier is a little less "flashy" than the monogram canvas.

    I also really like your choice of the Epi Passy as another possible candidate. I really like the styling of this bag, and since it's epi, it's understated and isn't very loud. Since it's also very sleek, I think this would be a very nice bag for work or in a professional environment. And since epi is very durable, this will definitely be a bag that will last you a long time.

    Concerning the Segur PM, it's very small and not very wide. This is more suited for nights out where you're not intending to bring a lot.
    It's not really practical if you normally carry many things with you; I would suggest this as an additional kind of bag, you should purchase something a little larger and then consider this one. But another nice choice, it's a very cute bag.

    Whew, that was long winded, I hope that helped !
  3. Questions:

    What do you do for a living, or what industry are you in?

    What do you primarily plan on using it for?

    How do you typically dress?
  4. Thanks Ayla! That does put it into perspective for me.

    I do like the Passy. Like you mentioned, it's understated and is suitable for work. I asked my friends (who are just as bag naive as I am) which they prefer, and basically all of them said the Segur looked the best. DH (bless his heart) said that if I was getting a bag that costs this much, I should get one with logos!!!

    Sis is quite sure that the damier speedy would be the best choice (and since it's about half the cost of the Passy, DH said I could get another piece, like a wallet).
  5. I'm in Sales and Marketing. I spend most of my time in the office, but I do see customers. I'm in the laboratory supply industry (there's no glamorous people here!).

    I want a bag for work, as I don't carry bags outside of work. If I'm out with DH, sometimes I don't even bring my wallet (the joy of joint accounts...).

    Dress, - business wear at work, but more smart casual, no suits.
  6. I'm sure all the knowledgable members on this forum can help you find a bag you'll truly love. And even if you don't love the bag, which I'm sure you will, you can always sell it and get another one! Good luck with your hunt
  7. When you do get to France, stop in the store and see how the bag looks on you. Sometimes I see a nice bag but it doesn't look right on me and I would have never known if I didn't hold it up to my body in front of the mirror in the store!

    Do narrow it down so it makes the choosing much easier. I hope you get one you absolutely love!
  8. I am planning to get to Auckland where my sister is, so she can come with me to a LV store. I can't depend on DH to give me good advice in France. His eyes are already glazing over everytime I show him the picture of a bag. I've already warned him he's got to look through the speedys with me tonight. He plans to go to a cafe and wait for me when I go bag-shopping in France.

    I'm really excited about it. Finally, a real investment piece. It's like a milestone in my life.... :shame:

    I've been looking through nearly all the bags on to try and see if there is something I've missed.
  9. Do you prefer hand/armbags or shoulder bags?
    This is a BIG part of your choices!
  10. I've never had a hand/arm bag, and my tote that I've been carrying around is a shoulder bag. The hand/arm bag looks more classy, but the shoulder bag looks more practical. Most of my sister's bags are hand/arm bags and she seems to have no problem hauling stuff (and she does have a lot of stuff in those bags) around :amuse: . What do you think?
  11. cili padi. Welcome! I plan to be in France in June too (and definately going to LV :smile: ). I think a monogram or damier speedy is a good choice for you. They're roomy (especially if you get the 30), they're light, they go well with suits as well as casual -- basically they're good for everyday use. Plus, they're on the more economical side (if you can call any of the LV bags economical. lol.), which is always nice.
    But if you're looking for shoulder bags, I think the batignolles (either horizontal or vertical, but personally I love the horizontal) would also be something to consider.
    Well, this was just my two cents... hope you find the perfect bag!
  12. Passy PM is a good choice. And you can do no wrong with a Speedy. :nuts:
  13. Okay, that's it. I can't ask hubby for his opinion anymore ;) . He hates the Speedy, called it a toiletries bag with handles. He prefers the Alma or the Recital. The Alma looks huge and the Recital looks really small. He doesn't mind the Passy, but would prefer it in mono canvas.

    Thank you ladies. I think it's definitely between the Damier Speedy and the Epi Passy (someone here has a black one, and it looks absolutely gorgeous). Will let you know what I decide on.