Confused...need YOUR opinion!

  1. I don't know what to do, although it's me who should decide. I'm torn between two Suhali colors: blue & white. And I decided to buy two Suhali Lockits, one blue and one white. I know I want two different sizes: PM & MM. But now I'm confused on what size in what color :confused1: So far my decision is: blue PM and white MM, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I know that the PM will be a "go out" purse and the MM will be an "everyday" bag.

    What you think all??

    Thank you! :heart:
  2. I like the idea of a blue PM and a white MM.
  3. I second that. White can match so many outfits for an everyday bag.
  4. ^ agree.
  5. yes I like the idea..
  6. Agree!
  7. I would actually do the other way around - white PM and blue MM. Blue seems more casual/every day to me, so I'd do that for the bigger bag.
  8. why do you want your "purse and the MM will be an "everyday" bag" to be white?

    Are you able to use this bag all year round ?

    I think I would go the other way around, if you think you want the mm for everyday i'd go with something a little more durable color wise.
  9. Now I'm thinking that maybe I shuld go the other way around. White is more of a "classy" color and blue would look better as an everyday bag....

    Tough decision :confused1:
  10. I think you should go with Blue MM and White PM. White would be an annoyance to have to worry about day in and day out. Blue would seem more of a casual everyday bag color.
  11. I've always preferred white, and suhali is surprisingly easy to maintain - I'd go for the white for your every day bag. :yes:
  12. Agree that white MM and blue PM
  13. I think your decission is perfect ... that's what I'd get! The blue PM would be great for going out and the White MM is perfect everyday bag, can hold more stuff! Post pics when you get them please!
  14. I'm kinda opposite to others, white is more eye-catching, so get the PM in white and MM in blue
  15. I think white PM and blue MM.
    I just went thru the same issue just a week ago - and I went and tried all four - white PM and MM and blue PM and MM.
    I originally came home with the blue PM and then returned it for the blue MM - and am happy . The PM is definetly a smaller bag and to me looks dress-up (unless your VERY petite) and for dress-up the blue is too limiting. I wanted a larger casual bag and the blue MM fits that need.
    I am still trying to get used to the larger bag look - it is one of the issues that I can see that the bag looks great, but it is so different than what I generally carry sizewise that I need to get used to it - but the blue just "pops" all my grey, black and white clothing. I would add that the only color the blue suhali doesn't look fantastic next to (not saying you can't do it - just maybe not the best option) is lighter blue denim. But most of my jeans are very dark blue or black and they look very nice with the blue.
    Sorry this is so long - but in short Blue MM and White PM.