CONFUSED.... need help

  1. My grenat Day bag arrived from Barney's on Tuesday. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm feeling it. I love the shape (I love totes and hobos) and I love how light it is, but I am not sure about the color. This one is particularly shiny and I don't know about the burgundy. I really wanted a RED one, but decided on the grenat for 2 reasons....

    1) it is more neutral than red

    2) I am assuming I can get a red bbag at another time since it seems to be a popular color....

    I am so torn - I do like the grenat, but its just not red.....

    I do have a blue india Day bag on order from balNY as well.....

    WTD????:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. It sounds like you don't LOVE it, and have your heart picturing something brighter... it's too much $$ to spend on something if you're not loving it. Think about it the rest of the day, but I'd exchange it for the Rouge Vif if that's what you're picturing (it's a great color!)

    I don't think it matters what's going to be re-issued or not - my first one I picked was black... I know black comes out every season, but I can't see me using a seafoam bag that often, you know what I mean?
  3. Completely agree with Tweetie! If the bag doesn't make your heart flutter when you look at it, exchange it for the Rouge Vif. All of these colors pop up eventually. If you want a Grenat later, I'm sure you'll be able to find one.

    About the reds...I feel like Balenciaga changes their reds with every new release. The 2003 is not like the 2005. This Rouge Vif is different than the other reds, is what I am getting at.

    Go get your red!
  4. Ditto to what Tweetie said, why don't you give the Rouge VIF a try. I know it seems somewhat bright compared to the grenat but I swear red is such an easy color to wear. I have a few red purses and I never have a problem in the matching department because its so neutral.
  5. If you don't love it you should return it and get rouge vif.
  6. ditto ^^ :tender:
  7. Yes, yes, exchange for rouge vif! The grenat - it's a pretty colour but it's just not RED-red. Red is my favourite colour so I know how you're feeling.
  8. ahhhhh - balNY isn't open until 11am - the grenat is at home (will go back to Barney's this weekend) - but I work less than 10 blocks from balNY - so I am all over it if they have the rouge - THANKS ladies!!!
  9. If you aren't loving that bag, run, not walk, to your nearest post office. Return it! If you want a red bag get the Rouge.
  10. The grenat is a very pretty color, BUT if it isn't WOW'ing you I agree..... "Return to Sender"! Your 'red' is out there.
  11. Agree with all above...return grenat and take a look at the rouge!
  12. Another suggestion -- they may still a couple '05 rouge day bags at BNY so I would ask to see them in case you prefer the '05 to the '06.