*confused* My store had the MJ Venetia and Blake...

  1. and now they're not there and they have the elise and something else, do they still have the venetia available? or did they get rid of them?
  2. yeah but i mean can i actually still get it in the store if it's not on display? or have they gone?
  3. ^ MJ boutiques just received S/S 07's SOFT CALF CLASSIC Venetia and PATCHWORK Venetia. They should have some past season SOFT CALF CLASSIC Venetia (depending on the color), the only way to find out is to contact them.

    Which color are you looking for?
  4. MJ keeps a lot of bags in the store storage room... Just because it's not on display doesn't mean they don't have it in stock. If there's a particular color you want, ask, and the SA can always do a store search in the computer. If that particular store doesn't have it, sometimes they can transfer in your bag from another location.
  5. thanks! not sure I wanted to check out the new ones, is it light grey? sounds nice! Also quite interested in the black and white
  6. Black has black stitching; white is true white. I will post some pictures soon.

    S/S 2007 SOFT CALF CLASSIC Blake: Black, White, Natural, Light Grey, Lavendar
    S/S 2007 SOFT CALF CLASSIC Venetia: Black, White, Navy, Light Grey

    Resort 2006 SOFT CALF CLASSIC Blake: Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Sand, Olive
    Resort 2006 SOFT CALF CLASSIC Venetia: Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Olive