confused..motorcycle Le DIX., city

  1. What is the difference in these bags..I know what CITY is, but then I see something listed as Le Dix and Motorcycle..


  2. i read before that 'le dix' is a clue when something is fake on eBay (the seller will write le dix)... i'm not sure if this is true or not, so it'd be nice to know lol

    motorcycle i think refers to the motorcycle style balenciagas (i.e. first, city, etc). so city would be part of the motorcycle line :yes:

    hope i got that right lol
  3. One of the posts in the Balenciaga Reference Library specifies that The First is also known as Classique, Le Dix and Lariat so I don't think "le dix" means fake. I am also curious about "the motorcycle" reference and have not been able to find an answer to this. If I had to guess, I would say it is a generic term which refers to the hardware arrangement on many of the bbags such as City, First, Work, Part Time, Twiggy (am I hallucinating or can anyone else see a Harley?) Is there anyone out there who knows the real answer?
  4. The whole line of bags with tassels, like the first, city, work and other styles, have been known as "motorcycle" bags since they were introduced. They've also been referred to as "lariat" bags, for obvious reasons. A bag like the Lune, for example, is a Balenciaga bag but is not in the moto line. When NG came as the designer to Balenciaga several years ago, at the beginning, the phrase Le Dix was generally used to indicate items from his new collections. That is really no longer the case, and the phrase has been outdated for some time. That is why it has been suggested that sellers still using the phrase, or calling a particular bag an arena bag (rather than its proper style name) may well be selling fakes they buy from one of those replica sites, or they would long since have known better.
  5. Great question! Sorry I don't have the answer! But I'm pretty sure Le Dix, doesn't mean that its fake.
  6. I still remember when I first saw a motorcycle bag (it was either a first or a city), and I would call it by it's full name (or what i thought was the full name) "Balenciaga De lix motorcycle bag". That was a while ago. I wasn't into Bal bags then. And when I became obsessed, I felt so outdated, haha. I had no idea the "de lix" was dropped. Sorry, that didn't really answer your questions. Your thread just reminded me of that. But I do know for a fact that "de lix" doesn't mean it's fake since I read that "full name" back then in Instyle. Wasn't it named after the very first First bal bag?
  7. I DO know that motorcycle is the style of the bag, Classique, Le Dix & Lariat are a size of the bag. City is another larger size & work is an even larger size of the motorcycle style. Hope this helps!

    Please, anyone, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also the B-bag reference section can be EXTREMELY helpful!
  8. Yes, using the term "le dix" is common for people who sell fakes on eBay.