confused LV newbie needs your help

  1. OK, I have a pretty nice size collection of designer bags but no LV's yet. I don't know, I just haven't ever met an LV bag I liked. So, the other night, I am at this posh little restaurant and there is this girl with a bag that structure wise looks a lot like a speedy bag. It even had the little lock that comes in the corner. So, I know the spring speedy bag with the little white flowers. This girl's bag looked like it was entirely made of those flowers. Like as if they made the flowers out of some sort of very soft leather or tapestry and stitched them together. I was totally in love with her bag so when we we leaving (it happened that we all left at the same time), I asked her where her bag was from. She said (she totally looked and sounded like Paris Hilton): "it is from Louis, it is by Marc Jacob and they still have it at the store and it is from their spring/summer collection."

    So I went to the LV store and looked/asked for the bag. The sales associate told me that there is no such bag and hers must have been a fake! (hubby was there and said I looked like a 5-year old who was just told Santa didn't exist). But really, she didn't look like some one who would carry a fake and she was so confident when she described the bag that I just have a hard time believing it.

    Anyways, I can't get that bag out of my mind and I am really hoping that it was real and you LV experts can help me figure out what it is called and where/when it is from.

    Thanks so so very much in advance!
  2. I 'think' what your talking about is the Monogram Dentelle Collection - google it and see if it's what your talking about? That's the only other collection I can think of that just launched that still may be in the stores. If not, then your SA may be right~ there are pretty good knock offs and SHE may have not even known. Trust me, a lot of ppl actually think their LV is real if they've received it as a gift.
  3. sounds like the dentelle speedy?
  4. The only "white flowers" that come to mind are the dentelle line, but that doesn't quite sound like your description. Here are the reference thread pictures.
  5. Lookalikethis?


    Though when you said stitched on leather flowers, I kinda thought first of those fleur things stitched onto the vernis bags awhile back.. :wondering
  6. Hmmm, I can't think of any recent LV releases with flowers except for the Dentelle line though. It can't be the Fleurs collection right?
  7. Well those weren't in a Speedy shape though.. we need the OP to come back and let us know if it's Dentelle or not, because if it isn't it'll be some kind of fake!

    OT, but.. OMG.. are those all your Hermes, pursnality??! :blink:
  8. I could only think of the dentelle line.
  9. I think Dentelle too LOL BUT what I wanted to tell her is to go on and look thru all the lines there its a good start to finding stuff you like. And as well.
  10. Thanks everyone. I had seen the Dentelle speedy before that night so I thought her bag was an speedy from the Dentelle Collection as well. But her bag had no brown monogram leather showing anywhere. it was basically just the flowers.
  11. The only other bag I can think of that has "flowers" on it is the Onatah Fleurs, but that's not the shape you described.
  12. This is a longshot, but could it be the Bowly from the Summer collection? It doesn't have flowers, but it's sort of Speedy-like in shape. It does have those frilly decorations on it which sort of look flowery. Sorry this pic is so tiny. It was the only one I could find.
  13. ^^^ That's the only bag that came to mind other than the Dentelle Speedy. :shrugs:
  14. Thanks everyone for your help! I am beginning to believe that her bag wasn't real...
  15. Flowers?

    What about those.. cherry blossoms? o_o;
    Even if the flowers are pink. T_T


    Sorry if the picture is a fake.. I just googled something. xD