Confused! Is the lambskin on wallets the same as the bags?

  1. Can Chanel experts help me please? I was talking to an SA today about purchasing a Chanel wallet and she said the one I liked (the bottom one in the attached pic) is made of lambskin.

    I thought lambskin was really delicate? So does that mean I should not purchase this wallet? :confused1: :shrugs:

    any advice?

  2. Oops...forgot to attach the pic....
  3. I can't answer your Q - just wanted to tell you that is a beautiful wallet !!
  4. I think so too! Which do you like better? the one on the bottom or the cambon style?
  5. I'm not a huge fan of the cambon - except the tone-on-tone (ie w/ patent). So def. the botton. Much more subtle.
  6. ^ The lambskin is SO GORGEOUS! Way better than the cambon, seriously! It probably will be really delicate though. =( Do they have one that style in caviar?
  7. I have this wallet in light beige. It's so beautiful, but easy to get scratch. Mine has a few scratches after using it just a few weeks. At first, I was a bit upset, but now I'm totally fine with it. I even got another credit card holder in lambskin and have planned to get another wallet in red lamb as well. One thing though, I don't know if it's a nature of lambskin but as time goes by the leather is a bit dull.
  8. Thank you for all the responses already! I was just checking the board one last time before I go to bed!

    Ok so I am definitely saying no to the cambon style. (thanks to your expert advice) :yes:

    I will ask the SA tomorrow if the wallet comes in caviar. I do love lambskin - it's so soft and lovely - but in a year will it look awful? :shrugs:

    I will let you all know what the SA says tomorrow.

    Sweet dreams!:sleepy:
  9. i like the bottom one most. Unless the inside of the cambon is fuchsia...then the choice would be more difficult for me.

    Although lambskin's more delicate, I think it's ok for a wallet, since it's mostly in your bag and not as subject to scratches like a bag. Beware of keys though!
  10. I have the black lambskin wallet on the bottom of your pic in the smaller size and it's alot more durable than I thought it would be. My wallet gets beat up and I've yet to see a scratch on it.
  11. I have this wallet and I LOVE it!! I even bought my DD the same one :biggrin:

  12. I asked about a small Cambon wallet before and my SA said it was made of calfskin so maybe one of those wouldn't be so delicate?
  13. Yes, the lambskin is the same on wallets and on purses

    There are other leathers too -- deerskin, calfskin (which is a bit more resistant than lambskin), and so on
  14. Tyaz, your wallet is very beautiful. I love lambskin in coral. I have e/w bag in this color and love it more than my red one. May I ask if this wallet has a snap closure/button?