Confused! Is it Teal or Blue India

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  1. Hi, I don't post often but I use this forum as reference all the time! - This has now caused me a problem! I have a Teal (what I thought was teal!) first, but now after browsing the forum and ateliernaff I think it might be Blue India! I have included two pictures as the colour looks different in different light! Any comparison pics and expert advice would be much appreciated! Thanking you in advance!

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  2. It def. looks like Blue India to me. I've seen pictures of the BI looking greenish as it does in the second photo, never the Teal. Its a beautiful little bag tho'.
  3. I agree, it looks like BI to me, too!:yes:It's beautiful!:heart:
  4. What's the letter on the tag inside? If it's A it's teal. If it's W it's Blue India. Both are beautiful, you can't go wrong!
  5. Its a W!- Thanks for your help! I was just preparing to sell it as I don't use it as much as I used too, and I wanted to make sure I had all the facts - I just loved the colour! - Thanks again!
  6. pretty bag, good luck!
  7. wow - I have a blue india - but I've never seen it look that shade of green before.
  8. What is the letter on the silver tag,inside your bag?A or W?Thanks!
  9. Very pretty! I wish my BI looked as seafoamish as yours in the second pic- it's lovely!
  10. glad you finally know the right color! too bad you have to sell it - she's a gorgeous bag! i'm sure you'll get a great price :tup:
  11. Which of those two pictures is closer to the way the bag actually looks? It can't possibly be all that green AND all that blue - even a B-Bag can't! Gotta be the light - so in regular indoor light during the daytime - which does it resemble? The blue bag or the green one? It looks way too green for BI in the one pic.
  12. I was going to say definitely Bleu India because that bag looks nothing like my 2005 Teal. But then some smart tPFers above solved the case using the letters!
  13. Hi, thanks for all your comments! When i am just walking down the street (natural daylight) it looks more like the first picture! The second is close up with a flash, it was also taken in my bedroom so unatural light as well! I'm sat there sometimes and I think WOW that looks really green! but then I put my jeans on and it is more blue! You can see my confusion!!
  14. You didn't answer to my question:P:what is the letter on the silver tag?A or W?That way you can be sure if your bag is blue india(fall 06)or Teal(spring 05):yes:.
  15. I think I said it further up the thread - it is a W, I am really pleased to have the correct answer! I think maybe is is just really unatural yellowish light that makes is seem sooo green!