Confused - I thought LV bibles were for brand lovers

  1. i think some counterfeiters use these magazines as reference to make their fake bags. of course we all know what the results are.....;)
  2. Yep it is true.
  3. yeah, I figured so, but what I don't understand:

    Are those brand magazines available at the store with that fakey bear or did the seller just add it? kwim?
  4. i thnk the seller just added it
  5. I agree, the seller must have added it.
  6. oh, THAT is funny! whatta thing to wake up to!
  7. Agree! They even have auth. catalogue!
  8. :push:
  9. so so wrong.
  10. Yuck!
  11. Where can I get a real one of these and not a fake? Sorry, clueless here. But I know you will help me out.
  12. an LV bible? or a keychain? :confused1:

    The bibles constantly show up on eBay :yes: and there is no such thing as that Teddy Bear keychain, LV made Teddy Brooches though :idea:
  13. oh boy.
  14. It's gone now.