me out!!

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  1. We've got a situation...

    For Valentines Day my sweet hubs wants to buy me a purse...when I first saw the Kristin hobo in turquoise and silver I feel in love with the large size and color (my favorite shade of blue, by the way) which is oo-la-la in my opinion. Really, everything in a bag I appreciate...size, beauty and slouch!

    But then, right before I told my husband to go ahead and order it, I saw the floral embroidered Audrey was coming out in ANTHRACITE!!! And suddenly nothing was clear anymore :thinking:

    I like both bags...a lot. And in my mind there are pros and cons for each. They are totally different purses...buying one really does mean giving up whats good about the other purse.

    I'm so torn. So please, HELP ME!! Here is the pertinent information

    -I have a job that allows me to wear comfortable clothing to usual is a cute sweats unless I'm meeting with clients. So casual bags aren't bad.
    -I had a Sabrina, and didn't love it. It was Op Art (not a fan) and I found the shape awkward.
    -I love detail on a bag, and I find myself drawn to interesting pieces that add to my collection.
    -I don't have a grey bag.
    -I just bought a bunch of "casual" bags...white Ali, black Alexa.
    -I will be buying a casual tote in April when the "beach" line comes out.
    -My favorite shape is a satchel...and I like cross bodies I can use as satchels--i.e.: Kira.

    The Audrey, on the surface doesn't make sense--but there is something about the roses that make me drool.

    I guess I could just leave it up to my husband...but I thought I'd ask for insight before doing that...

    Thanks so much! I appreciate the help a lot!!
  2. I'd ask for the Kristin Hobo, since you already have many casual bags and already had a Sabrina and didn't like it.. so of the 2 I vote for the Hobo... But if you could pick any on your wishlist I'd get the LV Galiera.. :P
  3. Thanks for the advice!!

    I am going to Las Vegas in August...I have already green-lighted myself one big bag purchase this year and the Galleria falls well within that budget, so she might be coming home in the next handful of months!
  4. Ohh Vegas sounds exciting!! Have fun and let us know what bag you get for Valentine's Day!!
  5. Well, if you didn't like the Sabrina because of shape, I doubt that Audrey will be much better. Also, I think the Kristen is going to look more in style longer than the Rose Audrey. Both are pretty, but I think Kristen gives you more bang for your buck!
  6. Kristin hobo in turquoise all the way!!!!!!!!!
  7. I just can't stop thinking about the embroidered roses...a gunmetal grey with silver thread...ugh, I want I want!!

    But I see what you are all saying about the Kirstin...

    And, I probably should have mentioned...the most "wear time" my bags get is about three months--then I stuff them and shelf them. So while "trend" is a good thing, I don't really worry much about the longevity of a style
  8. I would go with your inital instinct and get the Kristin. The Audrey is cute and all, but that's one I'll have to wait and see in person first.
  9. If you thought the Sabrina was awkward then I have a feeling the Audrey would be the same for you. I would go for the Kristen. Also, it seems like I heard somewhere that the Maggies may be coming in that same floral embroidered pattern? Not positive abou that but maybe someone else could tell you if it will come in Anthracite... maybe it would be a better shape/style option for you?
  10. I don't like the Maggies at all...they are to conservative for me, honestly...otherwise I would entertain that option.

    I think maybe I will leave the choice up to my husband...I love the Kristin, I do...but even with all the "bad" about the Audrey, I'm still torn 50/50

  11. i noticed your total for the year went down...did you get something good?!?!
  12. I agree to get the Kristin. It sounds like that was your original love. I will say that although Audrey appears to be simliar to Sabrina, I think I might be a fan of Sabrina more than Audrey. All that to say that I think they aren't as simliar as one might think. Audrey feels more stiff to me. But, I am certainly not the expert here as I don't own an Audrey. I have a Sabrina and LOVE her.

    I think it's a sweet idea to have your husband pick. He knows you well and it will be a lovely surprise either way. Just think that he can buy you this one then you can treat yourself to the other!
  13. Kristin!
  14. I say large kirsten hobo! I went to order the large hobo in yellow today at my coach store and my Sa ordered the lgr black and showed me it is so cute and not as big I thought its a nice size! its not that much bigger than the parker hippie! but fits on the shoulder better! and the slouch is so nice I am so glad I ordered the large Hobo!
  15. "The Audrey, on the surface doesn't make sense--but there is something about the roses that make me drool. "

    I do love that roses!!!!!! so stunning!!!!!