Confused: help me decide so the DH doesn't go crazy!!! (down to 2! & rant)


Aug 31, 2009
Ok- sorry for the new thread. Help me finally decide!

Which next? I currently own Roses NF MM, Artsy MM, mono pochette, black mc pochette... (& Emilie wallet)...

1. Azur NF- love this bag! Would be an "everyday" bag casual for the summer (I'm in Flordia).

2. Wilshire Blvd- probably gris. This would be for "going to dinner bag" so I can put my wallet, make-up, and brush. Usually I carry the pochette which is quite small.

SOMEDAY I will have both:yes:- but once I make my next purchase it will be a LONG time before I buy again. We just bought our dream house that needs to be redone in many ways. We have agreed any ebay $$ I get can go to bags. I basically have enough for either bag- but have sold all my old Coach bags so it will be a while before I get enough $$ again:crybaby:

I was asking my hubby tonight and he basically said he was pretty much going crazy listening to me about bags. :noggin:He doesn't "get it" but at least "supports" my love for bags as much as he can (he really didn't have a choice! hehe). He gets scared that I'm about to max out the credit cards and keep buying (tempting... but I would NEVER do). I told him if that was the case- I wouldn't be stressing because I would get all 3 that I want! No- I'm going to be smart and only get 1 for now since I have the $$ for it in the bank/paypal.

Soooo another NF (positives: I LOVE this bag, would use it all the time in summer, casual- fits me most days) (negatives: I already have 2 great everyday bags, would have to baby it)

Wilshire (positves: my everday bags get in the way when going for dinner- I always get concerned where they should go, this one would fit next to me. Much larger than my pochettes) (Negatives: how often would I use this little beauty? Will grey go out of style?)

Sorry for the rant! What should I do? Thanks for listening!


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Sep 23, 2008
You already have two great NF's, and the roses one is definitely perfect for summer! I would branch out and go for the Wilshire, knowing that it probably won't get out a ton, but at least when you do go out you won't have to worry about what bag to bring and where to put it! I love the wilshire in gris and think it's a great option, I'm trying to decide between the gris and Rose Florentine. I like that you can carry the gris all year round! Good luck with your decision, can't wait to see the reveal of your new bag!

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Aug 8, 2006
Rainy City
I'd pick Wilshire. If you're going to get both bags eventually, I picture the Wilshire in Gris being harder to find later on. I'm pretty sure the Azur NF will stick around for a long time.


Dec 14, 2009
between the 2... wilshire! i havent seen the gris irl so i dont know how dark it is to comment on whether its picky or more trendy than classic.. sorry.


Jan 22, 2009
I would pick Wilshire and the color would go with everything. I can't imagine it going out of style. Good luck!


Aug 31, 2009
Thank you so far everyone for helping me out.

One of my friends said she thinks grey might be very trendy right now... I would want it to be classic (so if not gris, then blue or amarante). That would be another thread! lol

Sooooooooooooooo haaaaard!!!!:hysteric:


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May 5, 2008
Wilshire! And grey is absolutely a classic color. It is also a trend right now, but I believe it's a classic.