Confused?? Ebay asking to cancel transaction

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  1. I'm confused as to why I got this?? I paid the seller the same day I bought the item. I've already received it and feedback was exchanged. I don't want to get an Unpaid Item strike. It says that she is closing her store is this normal when a seller decides to close their store? :confused1:

    **Seller** recently opened a cancel transaction case for an item your recently purchased: *********. We are closing the unpaid item case for this transaction and it won't be recorded on your account.

    Reason for cancel transaction request: The seller did not provide a specific reason.

    Seller comment: closed ebay store.

    Click the "Take action" button to accept or decline this cancellation.

    If you don't take action by Oct-26-2010, the seller will be able to cancel the purchase without your consent.
  2. If seller closed their online store, it might have registered recent transactions as not-occurred if they were trying to save fees, but that's about the ONLY thing I can think of off hand that might suffice to why you got the message.

    I'd reach out to da 'BAY nevertheless, to clarify their as-always-so-detailed communication :smile:
  3. sounds like she trying to get her fees back you wont get a strike either way so you can just ignore it or you can decline it and she wont get her fees back up to you really
  4. after spending about half an hour on hold for a rep.... I declined the request and stated that I had already paid and this transaction is almost a month old (Sept 22)

    She was probably trying to make some money back before closing up shop
  5. Or she might have you confused with someone else if you have already received your purchase. Why not just send her an email asking what is going on?
  6. Or the seller could have passed away and eBay is canceling out the last 30 days worth of transactions while closing down the store and all the listings.

    I got notice like this January of this year and it was because the seller had died. I just declined and noted it was a completed transaction.
  7. Hmm maybe email the seller? Something happened to me. The seller's account was closed by *bay so I emailed her out of *bay and she had replied that she was having issues but my things were already shipped. It was quite helpful. You should clarify the situation.
  8. Interesting... You already paid and now she wants to cancel the transaction???
  9. Simple: CALL EBAY and stay on the line until you get this settled. If you paid, you should
    1) get the article you paid for (regardless of whether seller is closing her sore or not - what the funk is that about? - ASK THEM - ebay, I mean)
    2) get a 100% refund and not close or cancel any case until you are sure the refund is cleared into your account
  10. ebay could destroy the seller by doing this. I suggest that you contact the seller, espeically when he's got high-feedback.