Confused, Does The Ysl Croc Tribute Have Ysl Or Lampo Zippers On The Side??

  1. HI, I am so confused. I heard that on the YSL croc tribute it has ysl zippers and on the regular leather (patent) it has lampo? Help = ( Thanks!
  2. i have a croc tribute, and it has ysl zippers on two sides. hope this helps.
  3. OMG thank you so much! Now I know what to look for. Thanks!
  4. will someone explain "lampo" zipper? I have the croc tribute and loooove it!!! just ordered large plain black patent tribute and now wonderingg about the zips! only saw it online. Thank you.
  5. thanks alot Victoire!!! thread is very helpful. I'm new to all bags and YSL is already most favorite! Would you happen to know what significance of lampo stamp is????
  6. it's an italian zipper brand. congratualitions on your tribute by the way - I have one too and I love it
  7. Thanks again Victoire.