Confused: Different locks on epi speedy?

  1. i just got an epi speedy 25 and it came with a lock that is different from the regular LV locks. i took comparison pictures of the palladium and polished gold locks, and lock C (see pic) was the one that came with my Speedy. The back of the lock only has "made in france" and the front says "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS" like the damier print. The Speedy was purchased from eluxury and has date code SP0036. Does anyone have locks like that? i doubt that's a fake lock though. Lock # is 321.


    lock1.jpg lock2.jpg
  2. Mine all look like A, but I think I've seen locks like C from reputable sellers before...?

    edit: btw, which Epi color did you get? :graucho:
  3. I have that lock. LV has quite a few different imprints on the locks might be due to different batches. It's real of course.
  4. A - if your bag has gold hardware

    B - if your bag has silver hardware

    C - If your bag is a Louis Vuitton Cup one or a damier geant I *THINK*

  5. all I can think of is that they must have made a mistake and sent you the wrong lock :smile:
  6. I think that Lock C in your pictures are the locks that come with pieces from the Damier Geant line. That is the type of lock they have given me for my Albatros and Souverain. All of the other pieces that I have gotten with locks have come with the LV stamped on the front.
  7. Yep, looks like there was a mix-up and they accidentally sent you the lock that they have on the Damier Geant Line.

    The other 2 with the LV on the front are for Speedies, Lock-its..

    Email/Call them and let them know you were sent the wrong LV Lock and make arrangements to send that one back for the correct one. Shouldn't be a problem.

    Good Luck!!:yes:
  8. aw, good to know:yes:
  9. I learned something new today! Thanks for supplying the info.
  10. OOO! I like lock C!!! I want one!
  11. Nice pics...I like that lock, it's different than the regular ones. I never knew they existed, until today. Hope you get another one.
  12. Thanks for your replies ladies. That makes much more sense now. :yes:
    DH got the red epi speedy 25 for my bday, but i'm not supposed to use it until end of mar (which is my actual bday). It's gonna be a rough month for me LOL... :shame: i don't know how long i can hold out! :wtf:
  13. I like the Lock C as well.

  14. I have one of each... gold with the old gold hardware, silver with my new issue of the epi alma (the one with a cell phone pouch inside) and the third with a damier ;)
  15. I JUST bought a epi speedy 25 in black at the south coast plaza boutique in Costa Mesa, CA and my lock is also the same as the "C" image you posted.
    I think this is the newer style. I like the old style better.