Confused - did authentic chanel bags ever been issued with white dustbags?

  1. I have two chanel bags - one that I bought from eBay which I am confident is authentic and recently a bubble quilt from my local chanel boutique.

    My mum has fallen in love with the bag that I bought from eBay (which is vintage, serial number starts with digit 4, I think) and has asked me to look for one for her online too.

    From being a member of this forum, I know generally what to look for in terms of identifying authentic chanel - but I am confused over dustbags. My vintage bag has a black dustbag but some of the vintage bags on eBay have white dustbags even though everything else checks out in terms of being authentic chanel.

    I have read several ebay reviews which say chanel bags never come with white dustbags whereas I think I have read on this forum that sometimes the early chanel bags (from 80s and 90s) have come with white dustbags.

    So my question is....

    Have vintage genuine chanel bags ever been issued white dustbags? If yes, from what year did they change to black dustbags (or what starting serial number)?:confused1:

    Your help is much appreciated!
  2. hmm from what I know in the late 80s early 90s they started using black dust bags now with the hologram numbers I'm not sure when..
  3. *The white dustbags were used in the 80's. I believe they started getting phased out early-mid 90's and were replaced w/ black dustbags.

    That was in a post entitled "Hints regarding authenticity" or something like that. You may want to search for it if you aren't sure. From what I gathered, the serial number 4 would have been sometime during the 90s... Good luck! The 1 didn't start until the late 80s if I'm not mistaken so...
  4. The white dustbags where used on Chanel bags until the hologram began with a 7. Usually, the vintage bags you see on ebay have the wrong dustcover and that is why you may see them as black.