Confused denim cabas?

  1. I am confused on the sizes the Denim Cabas comes in.:confused1: From reading the posts here I thought it only came in large and X-large. But now I see a post that someone put their name on the waiting list for a small denim cabas.....does it come in small ( which would be what I want because I think the large is just too big). If it comes in small what is the price?
    Thanks for any information.:yes:
  2. Nope...:smile: It only comes in Large and Extra-large sizes...when they talk about the small one,they probably mean the SMALLER one of two (the size Chanel calls Large)...and it is not small at all!!:p :wlae:
  3. The large was WAY too big on me..I was sad as I thought it would be like the baby cabas size..Its soooo NOT..LOL...
  4. LOL jill, yes i believe the large is so much bigger than the baby.

    in my measurements which is stealing from the balenciaga sizing comparison, the baby is as big as the city and the large is as big as the weekender, it like skip one balenciaga size which is the office.
    and a PFer said that the XL can fit a weekender in it.