Confused - Classique, First, City

  1. Hi everyone.

    Pls. help! As a LV kind of gal, I'm a newbie when it comes to B bags. I looked at all the beautiful B bags at Selfrigdges here in London just yesterday :love: . But I'm so confused - what's the difference between First and Classique? Or are they the same? And is City just a larger version? I think, I'd like a black B bag, and I know the leather is distressed and everything, but to me, the black bags look a bit grey/faded?!

    Any help is much appreciated :yes:
  2. Hi! I know, it can be confusing :yes: The Classique is the First (and to add to the confusion, is also sometimes called Lariat). The City is bigger. This site is great for info:

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference

    Also, as far as color, go here:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season

    The only reason I can think the black bags you saw looked grey is because maybe they were particularly "veiny" which I think could cause a more grey appearance (i.e., the lightness of the veins throughout the bag creates a lighter appearance). If you do a board search you'll see some member's pictures of "veiny" and "smooth" bags-- some even made veiny bags smooth by twisting/conditioning them!

    Hope that helps a little. Welcome!

    I know that's
  3. Thanks TTucker, you've helped a lot...
    One more question, do you always get extra tassles, when you buy a B-bag? Coz the ones I've looked at didn't...?!
  4. Welcome, damgaard! :welcome:
    Yes, all new bags come with a set of extra tassels. Did you check in the interior pocket of the ones you were looking at? That is where they are mainly kept (along with the cards). If there isn't one, then you can contact the boutique/store where you purchased it from, and they should be able to provide you with a spare set.
    I think a black city would make a perfect first Bbag. Good luck and let us know what you decide to get! :flowers:
  5. Hi! Welcome to the Bbag world:nuts: Here is a pic. of my Black City and my magenta first/clasique(the same). You can see the size difference.:flowers:
  6. Damgaard - so what did they have in selfirdges? do they still have a white first??
  7. and is it still £675? sorry forget to add that to my inital post! :sad:
  8. Hi again :yes:

    Thanks for your help, I love it in here, and I have a feeling, I'm gonna spend a lot of time in this forum!

    Well I did go to Selfridges again yesterday (Sunday). And I dragged my boyfriend with me! Over the years he has developed an interest for bags as well, though I guess, he would never admit it, in front of his friends. When I say interest, I mean, he now (kind of) understands why I'm prepared to go to war for a bag, and he even gets friends and family to bring home the bag of my dreams, if out of stock here.

    Anyways, he didn't think to much of the B-bags. At first he didn't like them, and thought they looked like something from the eighties. Well, to be honest, I know exactly, what he meant. I've been walking by the B-bags at Selfridges for many months now, and I couldn't really be bothered to take a closer look. Until one day, where there was just 2 many people in LV just across. And boy am I glad, I took the time, to se all the b-bags and feel the leather ;)

    Since then, I haven't been able to get B-bags out of my head :love: At first I wanted to buy a City, coz I thought the size was perfect for me... but then I started seeing pic of people in here wearing their First, and it just looked great. Yesterday I tried both of them, and I must say the SA was really patient with me. I decided on a black First, though my concern was (is), that it maybe looks to small on me (I'm 5.8). But who cares, I love it :heart: . The City is so beautiful 2, but I already have a lot of LV bags in that size.

    I paid 650£ for my First and the City was 735£. They had lots of different colours, and they did have white/off white bags as well.

    The good news is, that since yesterday, my bag has started to grow on my boyfriend as well... he's really starting to like it!
  9. mimi23 -> sorry, yes they did have a white first, but whether it was white or more cream, i'm not to sure of... :yes:
  10. I think more like white not cream.
  11. Congrats on your BBag Damgaard! I haven't been to Selfridges for a while, probably a good thing though, because I really want a white first! Maybe a few hints to my boyfriend will give him an idea for my xmas present!! Well, a girl can dream........
  12. Thanks, I'm loving it... Hints are always good :graucho:
  13. Thanks for clearing this up for us newbies on the B-Forum. I wasn't sure about the sizes of the bags. This helps.