Confused Ciao Bag

  1. I am looking to buy a messenger/across the body style bag. I don't want a huge bag but big enough for purse, keys, mobile. I think it would be a Ciao but am confused. Are there different sized Ciao's? Thanks for your help. Nikki
  2. Yes, you want the Ciao since you're carrying so little. :idea: There is another size called Ciao Ciao, which is bigger about 10.5" x 16" and more like a normal messenger bag size.

    It always seemed to me that the bag-naming typically either added more letters or another word to signify "bigger" ~ for example:

    Bambinone (bigger and with longer/adjustable strap)

    Mamma Mia (bigger)

    Ciao Ciao (bigger)

  3. Thanks Tokibebe. Now I just have to pick a print! I have a Stellina in Foresta, Scuola in Trasporto and soon to have a Zucca in Vacanze. Prefer the cutesy prints. Not too keen on the ladies. Do like Pirato but would prefer it without the girls on. What print should I go for next?
  4. Ciaos are darling in either the Inferno or Paradiso print and there are both for sale on eBay now for good prices - good luck!
  5. I agree, Inferno and Paradiso are definitely cuties to consider for your next print.

    I :heart:adore:heart: Pirata but as you can see from the picture, it's a print that's not as expansive as say Foresta, and there are so many girls all over so it's so hard to avoid having the girls in the print placement.

    If it is the ocean that you like about Pirata, what about Spiaggia? It's a cutie print for the most part, just got a couple girls on it. This is a picture of lvixen's Spiaggia Ciao that I was using as reference before I got a bag in this print. Hahaha I think you'll like how she nicely avoided any girls on this one (would have been one on the left and one at the top).

    Good luck in getting a bag you love!
    sisterblue-PirataZuccaback.jpg lvixen-spiaggiaciao1.jpg