Confused Chanel boutique says no increase on boy bags

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  1. Is this true??
  2. No. They are increasing.
  3. My boutique said WOC aren't increasing either but I don't believe them.
  4. When I called to ask my SA about getting a boy bag Thursday I told her why I was in a slight rush to get the bag, nobody at her Chanel store had heard anything about boys going up. She text me yesterday saying they got the word that they were going up. Which made me thankful to get my boy when I did.
  5. One of my SA said right before last price increase, he asked the buyers to confirm and the buyers just wouldn't say a word.
  6. Just days ago, this boy was $4100. Today, my SA told me it is $4300.

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  7. Wow!!! Interesting!

  8. I think what some of the tpfers are saying is true. The new arrivals come with a higher price tag. Thus before the official price increase, we will be seeing bags with old n new prices. Once the official price increase kicks in, the prices on the old bags will be adjusted to the new price. I am wondering if $4300 is the new price or they will be adjusted up to $4600 given the lists that were posted on tpf.
  9. I can only wish our wages increase at the same speed, sigh~
  10. Canada had the increase already. And my sa said only the classic went up ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398734229.074964.jpg
  11. Interesting! Hopefully your SA is correct. :ghi5: