Confused by the price!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am so confused by the baby cabas' price! Some say the new shipment which won't be here yet until some weeks later will costs $1995. The old stock (current stock?) is $1795. How come some of the PFers got their's with $1995 now or even a littler earlier? And I got a dark silver one like yesterday from NM and it was $1995. Am I being over charged? Thanks!!!
  2. I don't think your being overcharged as that is the new price of the cabas and fall stocks have already started coming in.
  3. Hi Syma,

    The SA told me that bag is not new stock and they will not receive any new stock or re-order of baby cabas. That's why I am so confused. Can they just mark up the price of the current stock that they have?
  4. They do mark up -- when the flap bag and clutch prices went up, they just marked them up. Some people have been lucky to get other styles w/old prices.
  5. Lulilu,

    Thanks for the info. That is not right to jack up the price like that.

    The Saks, Nordstrom, Chanel and even some other NMs that I have called haven't done that. I will talk to the manager and express my disappointment about this and see what their explaination will be.

    If there is no good reason behind, I will let you guys know which NM I am dealing with and so that our fellow PFers can make their own choice when calling around for bags in the future.