Confused by email from LV Neiman Marcus

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  1. Sorry for longer post:

    I'm not sure how to take this. I exchanged my Favorite MM because the magnet was very weak. When I went to the store initially the initial SA showed me a Favorite in monogram with the same weak closure. In two days, I got a call saying they would take the exchange. I decided that the favorite wasn't for me.

    So, I started looking for a different bag but it took me a little while. Needless to say, the SA seemed annoyed and snapped and told me I couldn't return it. I ultimately decided on a NF MM. I looked at my receipt when I got home and saw Final Sale (not that I intend to return or exchange, but it would have been nice to have that told to me.)

    Today I received an email regarding caring for my bag. I have bought LVs before and even from that location. Is this a new thing that LV is doing?
  2. What did the email say exactly?
  3. can you post the email?
  4. I am delighted to have been able to assist you the other day in our store - I hope that you are enjoying your Neverfull..

    Louis Vuitton products are made to the highest quality and standards and should, given care and attention, provide you with many years of pleasure. For long term maintenance, all items will benefit from storage away from direct sunlight or moisture. Please find our care recommendations below for the Monogram Canvas and the natural leather trims and handles.

    Canvas: Clean the canvas with a soft cloth dampened with slightly soapy water, avoiding the leather parts. Never use solvent. Avoid contact with hand cream, hand sanitizer, make-up and perfume.

    Natural leather: Some natural marks or genuine irregularities in the leather may show through. Over time, this delicate leather, which is sensitive to scratches, will acquire a beautiful patina. Protect your product from water (rain), which may stain the leather and avoid contact with damp hands (sanitizer, hand cream, water, perfume, etc.). Should it get wet, dab it with a lint-free, light-coloured and absorbent cloth. Never use solvent. The more the leather will acquire a patina, the less it will be sensitive to dirt.

    I look forward to assisting you again in the near future and will keep you updated on new arrivals that you might enjoy.
    Should you need to contact me, my information is below.

    Best Regards,

  5. This was the title:

    Tips for taking care of your [name of the product purchased]!
  6. I don't see anything wrong with the email. If anything, I would have appreciated getting that information when I bought my first mono bag.
  7. This isn't my first purchase...or my first Mono purchase.
  8. Sounds like great after sales service to me!
  9. The email just seems like the SA following up with someone she hopes to make future sales with. She's reaching out with helpful info as a means to maintain contact and engage you for further sales.

    It's an elaborate thank you note.
  10. I don't see anything wrong with it. Great customer service if you ask me!
  11. It sounds like the SA was just following up with some excellent product care advice and customer service. I was honestly expecting a hostile note or something equivalent based on this thread's title...
  12. +1

    I think it's a relatively standard email that probably gets sent to every customer there, maybe they've just introduced it. I think it's full of good advice and I'm positive it has nothing to do with your return.
  13. Maybe I'm just over thinking it. This is also why I love this forum. Thank you all :smile:
  14. I was just surprised because I've bought 2 other items within the past few months, and I didn't receive anything like that.
  15. I understand what you mean, I tend to over think everything so I totally get it :smile: I would only be concerned if there was something written there about the return policy etc. which there is not, this makes me nearly 100% sure it's just a follow up/customer service/courtesy email which I'm sure has been newly introduced.

    Enjoy your new bag and don't give it another thought.
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