Confused By Diamond Certification

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  1. Hello ladies !!!
    Can someone help me with this problem ... I have heard of GIA and IGI ...are the diamonds with these certification really good and valuable for resale or the same without certification.
  2. IGI isn't valuable, it's usually not accurate.
    GIA and AGS are the 2 most reputable certifications, EGL is improving but not quite as reliable as AGS & GIA.
  3. Although isn't EGL USA now considered to be more accurate and highly thought of than EGL Israel of Europe? Still, it is my understanding that any EGL cert (regardless of its country of origin) is not held as in high regard as one from GIA...
  4. :yes:
    like I said, GIA & AGS are most reputable, followed by EGL or more likely EGL-USA. IGI isn't at all.

    I bought a sizeable EGL stone and feel comfortable w/ it and it's grading.
  5. Has anyone heard of EDL?
  6. not me
  7. I agree, GIA is the most reputable. Also everything Swanky said:smile:
  8. I have never heard of EDL. Do you have a link to the grading report?
  9. No, I saw a diamond at a jewelry store with that certification. hmm.. I'll google it in a bit.
  10. Ive heard that GIA is the source to go to for certificates, others might not be up to par or not accurate.
  11. wow, I didnt even know what AGS was. I am happy to see it on the certificate that came with my engagement ring :shame:
  12. Is it necessary to get certification? Or would you only get it if you were thinking of selling your jewellery? Wouldn't the jeweller you sell it to be able to appraise it anyway?
  13. I just bought a loose diamond. Was under the impression it was a great piece. Had it apprasied somewhere else and they didnt think it was such a great diamond. Valued way under what I thought and paid for it. Right now Im not very happy at all. Has this ever happened to anyone else. What did you do about it.
    PS We dont have paperwork on it for the orginal store. Just have the receipt. I think Im going to get into contact with the orginal store and see if I can verify the apprasial.
  14. ^ does that store have a buy back policy? I would just sell it back and get something better.