[Confused] Bubble Quilt Bowler or Baby Cabas?


Bubble Quilt Bowler or Baby Cabas

  1. Bubble Quilt Bowler in Dark Beige (KHAKI)

  2. BLACK Baby Cabas

  3. Other styles

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  1. I'm pretty much confused right now.. that I could only choose only one purse in between two choices..
    Please help me choose.. and lighten me up gals!!

    First choice is :
    Bubble Quilt Bowler in Dark Beige / Khaki
    (as seen in my avatar)
    I was very much in love with this style when I first saw it on Nordstrom last week (it's absolutely :heart::heart::heart: at first sight!)

    Love the style..
    :heart: its softness
    love the fact that it's a handbag..!

    the durability.. cause it's made from lambskin! so it's NOT a WORRY-FREE purse..
    it's expensive for a non-worry-free purse

    Second choice is:
    Black Baby Cabas

    when I first saw this bag about two months ago, I was OK with the style..

    high durability - it's made in both caviar & lambskin.. (CMIIW)
    price is cheaper by 500 compared with Bubble quilt bowler

    It's black.. (....I'm afraid I will get bored).. I don't really like black color.. (but I only like baby cabas style in BLACK)
    it's a shoulder bag.. I hate my bag to be put on my shoulder when it's getting heavy!!
    it seems most of everybody has this bag..

    As for now, my Chanel collection only consists of two sunglasses, one accessories (an earrings), and a purse (a BLUE medium classic flap).

    or else, if you have an idea or two!! :idea: Please let me know..
    Anyway, I prefer NON-FLAP bag!

    My budget is 2700 (included tax)

    Very much thanks!! :heart:
  2. Sounds like you should get the bubble quilt. It doesn't sound like you're at all crazy about the baby cabas. Don't convince yourself you want something if you don't. :yes:
  3. OMG! do they still have it at Nordstrom? im in vancouver and its sold out i love it! go for the Bubbo Qulit!
  4. i say bubble quilt!! it's so unique looking compared to other chanels!
  5. Bubble Quilt!
  6. Not even close - the bubble quilt.:tup:
  7. I voted for the Bubble Quilt bowler. It is a stunning bag, especially in the dark beige color. And the leather is TDF!

  8. Go with your heart - BQ.

    Never be practical in matters of the heart, handbags and jewelry.;):p
  9. Thank you everyone.....! :tender:
    Let's see when the package comes.. I just placed an order for BQ Bowler via NM catalog online. :yahoo:

    Lots of luv :love:

  10. Congrats! Good for you, you followed your heart! The bubble quilt is just gorgeous, you'll love it for years to come. Post pic when it arrives!
  11. Congrats! I would have chosen the bubble quilt also.

  12. Yay! Congrats Mandy! Please post pics of this bag when it arrives.