confused between popincourt haut & speedy 30

  1. pls. i need help to decide betwen the two. what do u think should be my first lv?
  2. Speedy!
  3. Speedy!! It's a classic.
  4. my thoughts exactly!
  5. Speedy. But fewer people probably have the popincourt.
  6. EVERYBODY has a Speedy it seems, they're the most common LV I think. I'd go w/ the Popincourt for sure!
  7. i'm going for a Speedy as my first LV, i'm going to buy it tomorrow Yesssssssssssssss!!!
  8. Speedy for sure. It's my first handheld bag and I love it.
  9. It depends on if you like handheld bags or not. While the shape of the speedy is classic, shoulder bags are a little easier to carry.. I personally prefer the popincourt !
  10. I just went through the same dilema - wound up with the Popincourt (thank you Ayla) but... then I bought the Epi speedy in Mandarin