Confused at how paypal works...

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  1. I remember some time ago that one of the PFers was accused of bait and switch from a buyer and PayPal took the funds out of her bank account to hold during the dispute. My question is: how is this possible? Can PayPal only charge your credit card or take money our of your account if that information is saved in your PayPal account? Or are there other ways they can get around to doing that? :hrmm:

  2. I'm not sure but I think they can only take money out of your paypal account balance not from your bank account or cc?:blink: Sounds tooo scary:hrmm:
  3. I just opened a paypal account but from all the horror stories I've heard, I'll never use my bank account, only the cc, that way I can dispute any charges, if I ever encounter a sticky situation.
  4. It is possible for paypal to take money from your bank account if you provide them with your bank info, and you transferred the money in your paypal account to you bank account. But they can't randomly take money out of your account. They same situation happened to my friends account so he told me a lot of horror stories. I'm deathly afraid of paypal so I don't use it.