confused: apple green first from koh samui

  1. i just got my apple green first from koh samui today.:graucho: i'm so excited about the color, but i'm not sure about the size. i'm a big bag person. it was a stretch for me when i bought a shrug, which is the smallest bbag style i own... up till now. i love the apple green though.:love: i'm just not sure if i should hold out for a larger style or keep this one for now.

    oh, by the way, when i asked the SA at koh samui to mark the bag as a gift inorder to avoid paying duty/ custom fees. she did, but she also put the value of the bag... i ended up having to pay the fees. :rolleyes: on top of that, because it was marked "gift" as a oppose to a purchase, it was stuck in customs for a week and i had to fill out paperwork and fax to them, so they could do a background check on me.:shocked: the bag ended up costing me more than i expected and i had to wait forever. so, don't try that... it was a pain in the :censor:
  2. keep it until you find the size you prefer... I'm sure you can either trade it or sell it easily then ;)
  3. esile, congrats! definitely hold on to your first but wait until you come across an apple green in a larger size and then decide to let your first go. please post pics of her!

    and thank you for the heads up about the delivery info with customs!
  4. I bet that if you are patient, you might even find someone to do a trade. (your first for their larger size) That stinks about the duties and customs, though!
  5. esile, if u don't want it there's me to turn to :P haha but the apple green's a rlly rlly nice colour. ;) you gotta think through it properly!
  6. i agree with the others, keep it until you get the size you want. It's such a fun color, it must look yummy in the first size.
  7. thank you all, for the advice. i'm still undecided though.

    here's pics of the apple first. i took a pic of her indoor and outdoor.
    the color and leather is so gorgeous!
    applefirst.jpg applefirst2.jpg
  8. OMG! i totally LOVE it! Congrats! Please give her some time and then decide later. You just may come across an apple green in a larger style! You will definitely have NO problems in selling her later!
  9. Oh my gosh, esile!!! Your bag is stunning!!! The color and leather is fabulous! ITA with the others here about keeping it until you can find one in a bigger size. I wouldn't let this go until then or you might totally regret it. I know I would. That's awful about the customs fees and the hassle you had to go through to get it, though! I was thinking about ordering from Koh Samui, but I'm not sure anymore. :P Maybe it's easier to have a friend or relative in London buy it directly at the store and then ship it themselves declaring at a lower value.
  10. My god, apple green is to die for! i want one so badly!!
  11. I was in a similar situation with my 04 turquoise city. I absolutely love the color, but the city style isn't my favorite. But I decided to keep it until I find a twiggy or possibly a first in that color. I just couldn't give up such a beautiful color! It sounds like you feel the same way about apple green, so I definitely think you should keep it until a bigger one comes along.
  12. The leather looks absolutely gorgeous! It's such a cute colour.
  13. esile congrats on the apple first love the color in that size :love: love the leather its not distressed :heart: keep it for now until you find something you like to replace it :smile: love it love it :love:
  14. pupster, i meant to pm you back. i got in late last night and didn't get a chance. yeah, it was such a hassle to get it out of customs. i don't think it would have happened if we didn't mark it as a "gift". i shouldn't have done that. anyways, it ended up costing me $150 over what i would have paid here in US... but i'm okay about that since it's impossible to find a brand new apple green here. i was mostly bummed about the hassle of customs. but, yes, if you have someone to buy it for you, definitely go that route.:flowers:
  15. NP, esile, your post totally answered my many queries(and sorry about the longwinded PM--I got so excited when I read your post! LOL). I'll definitely have to sweet talk a friend or relative into helping me buy one. lol. Your bag is really really really beautiful, though, esile, don't let it go(at least not until you find one you want more--then I am positive that you won't have probs getting rid of this one)! lol!