Confused and frustrated about my new 35cm

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  1. I just received a 35cm birkin from a respected reseller. No authentication worries. The bag is a beautuiful vibrato. When I attempted to attach a lock to the tirette/clochette, I noticed that the tirette hung short. :confused1:
    I pulled out all my other similar sized birkins both exotic and regular leather and measured the tirette/clochette. All of them were about 12 inches. The new bags tirette/clochette was 10 inches. And by the way the key numbers does match the lock number.

    I quickly checked here on tpf for other vibrato bags in case the tirette/clochette was just short on them. In fact, the picture I found showed a typical length tirette/clochette.

    So I am wondering is this a tirette/clochette for a smaller bag say 30cm or 25cm? Or is this just the way it was made? Can I have another longer one made? Do I go back to the reseller and complain or what?
  2. sus - can we have a visual aid? not sure exactly how short it is.....
  3. Hi Sus,

    I am having some work done on my loft and have to run out to talk to the men right now, so I can't go and check the clochette for my Vibrato Birkin. However, of course, I would be more than pleased to do this if it would help. I will fish it out as soon as I get back unless I see that you have resolved this issue.....I apologize for this delay.
  4. Will take pictures as soon as DH returns from the dentist and tells me what he did with my camera.

    Thanks MrsMorris that would be most helpful.
  5. So the keys don't fit either??
  6. Yipes. Hope everything works out.
  7. Sus, I believe if you are dissatisfied with your clochette, then request that another be made.

    Why not call Claude in NYC and address your concerns to him?
  8. Don't know if this helps you, but I noticed a long time ago that the clochettes on my Kellys were of varying lengths. One is so long that I have it wrapped around the top handle a couple of times. I always assumed that it had to do with the esthetic eye of the craftsman. I suspect they have a guideline lenght and can vary within the parameters. Call up Claude and see what he has to say. I wouldn't worry about that. RE the lock, perhaps it is a replacement. Does the key work? Maybe the prior owner didn't want to hassle changing the key on the clochette. No one ever uses it anyway except to take it off.

  9. i just checked.......out of 3 birkins, 2 kellys and a bolide none were the same and the bag sizes range from 28 to 35
  10. I'm with Gracekelly, and I posted this question a hundred years ago as Iwas concerned ablout a similar thing, Sus. My bags all have clochettes of varying lengths (or tirettes, to be more correct)...same size bags.

    I think it's just a quirk of the craftsmen, and once again, a sign of the "hand made-ness" of the bags.

    Unless it looks really short? I have noticed some peoples' bags (none of mine) have clochettes that almost touch the ground!
  11. Oh! By the way - congrats! I ADORE vibratos, and really hope to score one, someday!
  12. I also agree with Grace Kelly and old black box Kelly has a much longer clochette than ones I compare with now. I don't really think anything is wrong unless you are uncomfortable with it.
  13. Ditto!
  14. Luckily Shoes the keys do work.
    Thanks Grace Kelly, Hermesaholic, Grand Fonds, Kellybag and Mrs Sparkles for your words of wisdom. Hermes is afterall handmade.

    Thanks Golden's Mom for your kind thoughts.

    Thanks Isus for your suggestion. Can one just call Claude with any craftsmen type questions?? What is his telephone number??

    I would like to have my tirette long enough to put on some cadenas; at the moment it looks too short. I will post pictures as soon as I can get my camera back from where I left it (at my brothers).

    Oh and GF it is a lovely vibrato - brick box with gold, brown, cream/white & brick chevre vibrato. While it was from a reseller it appeared to be barely used and still had the plastic on the hardware. I feel lucky to have it. Thanks everybody!
  15. Mine are all different too! I never even noticed but my vintage Kelly tirette is looooong!!!!!