confused! advise please..which one to buy?


which one should I buy?

  1. med black leather bowler at 2700 (ebay)

  2. med red/burgandy bowler at retail

  3. med black patent leather bowler at retail

  4. baby coco cabas

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  1. Dear all, i am in a state of total confusion right now. Here's the story. I have wanted to get c black chanel bag and considered the med luxe bowler or baby cabas. I then decided to get the med luxe bowler as I love how it can be dressed up or down and may even pass a bag for internship (going for one soon).
    THEN.. I searched high and low to no avail (as you can see from my precious post). My choices are
    1. buy black med bowler from eBay for 2700
    2. buy red/burgandy med bowler at retail
    3. buy black patent leather bowler at retail (whats retail for this, if anyone know?)
    4. buy black coco cabas.
    What do you guys think??
  2. Hi! I voted for the baby coco cabas because I like the style better.
    It sounds like you need a black bag so I wouldn't go for the burgundy even though it's a very nice and rich color. Also personally I'm not a big fan of patent purses because they are too trendy right now and IMO, a bit wintery. If there is any chance to finda black med bowler for less than 2700 I'd go for that but it must be a hard to find combo right now from what I understand. I am not very knoweledgeable with Chanel so I'm sure the Chanel ladies here will give you some valuable advice.
    Good luck!
  3. My personal favorite is the black baby cabas. Plus, it's the least expensive of all your choices. I'm also partial to the red/burgundy bowler as I think the bowler is a great bag and I love that color. I like the black bowler, but I think 2700 is alot to pay. I'm not a big fan of the patent. I think the patent retails for around 2600. Good luck in your decision and let us know what you decide!
  4. IMO get the black patent !it's the the most beautiful of the bags ,goes with anything and it really shows off!Red would be my second choice!About getting the black from e-bay...hmmm!Concerning the Cabas although I like it I've seen many fakes around!
  5. Thanks everybody. Its not actually a must for the bag to be black. I just want a versatille bag that I can wear anytime anywhere and I think I'm just not 'experimental' enough to try patent or burgandy. I want to though. Any tips?
    The fact that there are a lot of fake coco cabas also freaks me out. Moreover, I will be moving to Asia in 2 years and I DO intend to wear the bag for more than 2 years and I wil not want to sit next to someone wearing a fake version of my bag at the restaurant somewhere in asia.=(
  6. if anyone has the burgandy bowler, can you please post a pic? preferably a modelling one? thank you.
  7. I like big bag so I vote for cabas.
  8. i love baby cabas as i have a dark silver one.
  9. i love the patent bowler.. really!
  10. baby cabas!!
  11. not a huge fan of the patent bowler and although i dont mind the baby cabas, i much prefer the black or the burgundy luxe bowlers! i'd have to pick black because i think its the most versatile, but perhaps wait it out a little and see if u can get one for a better price or see if you get lucky and an SA manages to find one for u?
  12. hi you all.. thanks for all the inputs. I am going to Neiman tomorrow to check out the patent and see how it feels like wearing it. I am definitely not getting the cabas as I think the style is not for me. Will let you know how it goes.=) thanks again.