Confused about where to place threads...

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  1. I see that threads keep being moved, how can we tell if something should go in LV or LV shopping? just as I think I got it, then I see something moved that I had no idea should go in the other forum!
  2. I would say if it is a reference thread like: How to clean... or Does Patina.... or similar then post in Reference Section.

    If its a thread on buying LV or shopping for LV or Seeing something online, in a store or similar then post in LV Shopping section.

    If its a general thread about LV or "What do you Think?", "Which one should I get" "Got this today" or similar then post in this general LV Section.

    Or just pm any mod if you have any question! We're glad to help!
  3. Me too, I am so confused as well. . . .thanks for expressing this, I thought I was the only one. . ..
  4. I wondered the same thing.

    Thank you Tracy!!!
  5. Thank you that helps! now if I can just remember which lol
  6. Traci about summed it up. :p

    Feel free to PM me with any questions! None of us bite! :sneaky:
  7. Thanks for the information.
  8. i've been really confused lately too. i see a thread and all of a sudden it's someplace else and i don't understand why. some of the threads that get moved to the shopping section don't really seem to always be about shopping. sometimes they're personal things like issues with stores etc... how do you guys determine that? does everyone or one person?
  9. I think we all just try to follow the guidelines I mentioned above. Of course, some people will post threads themselves in the LV Shopping section, but if they don't belong there, then we try to move them to the proper place.
  10. make an educated guess. mods will move it if they have to!
  11. I happy I'm not the only confused one.

    I mean for example a look what I got from LV today thread could go in the main bit or in the shopping bit, which would be right?? and couldn't a what do you think of this bag go in the referance section :confused1:
  12. Thanks for the clarification!
  13. ha ha! i get confused too....thought i was the only one

  14. No, "what do you think of this bag" wouldn't go in reference section because it's not really "referencing" anything.

    A "look what I got today" would go in main LV.

    If you said, "I went to the LV store today and I saw...." That would be LV Shopping.

    I've just been checking out what kind of threads are in the other sections in order to help me to figure out what should go where. :yes:
  15. Reference would also contain threads about Epi colors, wearability of materials, discontinued items, etc...