Confused about Warranties in the UK

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  1. Hello lovelies!

    So I emailed Bal and asked them about warranties if not purchased directly from them (either online or in store) - I didn't get a reply to that question but they did tell me that no other retailer was an authorised stockist, which kind of concerned me.

    does anyone know what their policy is please with regards to warranties if something goes wrong as there are a number of high end UK retailers such as Harrods, Harvey Nicks, Selfridges etc. That you would assume we're authorised retailers or do you think the customer service person got it wrong?

    I also asked them what care products they recommended for my new Agneau mini pompon. I just wanted to be sure as only ever used colonil on my Mulberry bags

    I had to share this with you all as thought it quite funny, as the sweet customer services lady suggested I look at the label inside for washing instructions
  2. Lolol re washing!!!

    Re warranty, I only ever had a problem with one of my many Bals. I emailed the Balenciaga store in Mount Street and they would have no truck with me at all until I mentioned that I had the receipt from Selfridges - then the mood turned sunny and they helped me liaise with Selfridges and the issue was sorted quite quickly. I did get the distinct impression that I would have been totally stuffed if I hadn't got a receipt though.

    If you look on the Balenciaga website you'll see a list of authorised stockists which include Selfies, Harvey Nicks etc. Your customer services gal clearly is a bit of a newbie!

    As for care products, really there's absolutely no need to put anything at all on the leather in my opinion. The only thing I've ever done is to put a little nourisher (Balenciaga cream, Collonil Gel or similar) on a dry corner or two. There's no need to waterproof and protect in the way that we do with our precious Mulberries..

  3. Thanks so much and yes the leather does seem much hardier than some M leathers

    I read about the Bal cream hoping that's what they would suggest buy, but not sure where I can get it from. I may call a Bal store tomorrow


  4. They usually have it in all the Bal stores, Louliu. Be careful with it though and only use VERY sparingly cos it tends to get stuck in the creases in the leather. Tbh I think the Collonil gel or Furniture Clinic nourisher is wayyy easier to use. :smile:
  5. Sounds like Decleor in my wrinkles thanks for the info
  6. To clarify on warranty. Any Balenciaga handbag that has been purchased at an authorized retailer (, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, etc) are covered under the 1 year warranty which covers manufacture defects. You would need to provide with a proof of purchase that is dated so that the SA can verify that it is within one year.

    If you had bought your handbag internationally you would be required to bring it to the nearest Balenciaga boutique to your permanent residence.

    Please be aware that a Balenciaga store may be actually a licensed store (i.e. Most stores in Asia) and they may refuse to service your bag. The store MUST honor the warranty and assist you with any repairs that you may need done.
  7. Also in regards to the nourishing cream. A little does go a long way. It will help put back a waxy coat on the bag to help protect against the elements. It is safe for use on the Arena Lamb leathers and Papier Veau Souple styles. Do not use on any other styles.

    As always before applying a product on your Balenciaga handbag, please test it out on a discreet part of the bag first; or better yet, test on the leather swatch that comes with your Balenciaga handbag.
  8. Many thanks, I purchased my bag from Fashionette, who are based in Germany and I am in the UK