Confused about Vache Naturelle

  1. I searched through past threads, but am still confused about Vache Naturelle. I hope you lovely ladies and gents can help!

    The "aging" process will certainly change the color of VN... but what is the color range? I really love baby VN and teens/20s VN, but what about those in-between years? The toasty-sand-tan-camel-beige-brown (KWIM?) of patina'ed VN is absolutely TDF. But is VN yellowy in its early years? (I don't think yellowy looks good on me.)

    A friend has what she thinks is VN but it is quite yellowy. I don't remember it having contrast topstitch, so maybe it is something else? But maybe she left it in the sun more/less?

    Also, is VN always "sable"? All these years I thought sable was a color.

    Btw, I am positively INSPIRED by the lovely VN bags of Duna, DQ, Guccigal and Piaffe! :girlsigh:
  2. Also...

    what leathers are A and B in the attached photo?

    (This photo makes me ecstatic, btw!)
    vintage hermes query.jpg