Confused about the Double

  1. In my previous thread, I was debating whether to get the double (in anthracite/black) and I've decided to go for it! My confusion stems from the fact that SA's @ YSL in Chevy Chase and Washington said that they had bags coming in, one size only, for $1295. When I called YSL in Florida, however, he stated that he had 2 sizes, a "medium" for $995 and a "large" for $1195. :confused1: The 2 sizes is what was indicated in all articles in the threads previously posted. Could that have been for summer and for fall they are only doing one size (and charging more for it?) Does anyone know what the situation really is?

    I decided to get the medium, they are doing a charge send and I will get it next week! I am crossing my fingers that I will like it!:shame:
  2. Hmmm, I'm not sure what to think. In a YSL catalogue that I received in the mail a few weeks ago, they referred to the Double as coming in only small ($995) and medium ($1,195). The web site also mentions only small and medium.

    For what it's worth, in the past I have found the SAs at the Washington YSL boutique (the one at the Watergate) to be generally clueless and unhelpful. I bought a Mombasa there last year and was underwhelmed with the service and follow-up service. (I actually purchased my Muse in New York this summer to avoid the D.C. boutique.) In the past month or two, I've stopped by the D.C. shop frequently to check on the arrival of this fall's bags, and they really couldn't be bothered to answer questions or help me, even though I was obviously ready and willing to plunk down the charge card.
  3. Thanks, it is good to have your opinion! Obviously, someone doesn't know what's going on, I tend to trust the SA in Fla, as he said that he had 2 different sizes in stock at the moment. I must ordered the small, as I know it cost $995. At least I didn't have to pay tax!
  4. Please post pics when you get it. Good luck!
  5. When I bought my Rive Gauche I had both sizes in my hands- so there are two definetly- not a huge difference but cleary visible
    Looking forward to see your pics
  6. The double does come in two sizes. It is not 1295. I don't know why they are telling you that. They must be confused about the prices. I think the boutiques are sold out of the medium. The NY location told me that they were going to get more in. They did have the small last week. I don't know about this week.
  7. safi, they do have the small in the NYC boutique on Madison in the 80s in black and brown my sister and mom bought it yesterday but this location is closed on Sunday (the one on 57th is open but they did not have any black ones in small left there)...It's better to go in rather than call because they get so many inquiries about this....the medium will come in within the next few weeks. There is no large, they come in small and medium only and the medium fits over the shoulder while the small is to be held in your hand or over your arm. They are truly beautiful but look very mom's was damaged when she received hers and they had to get her a new one as the piece that holds the two strings came undone (it was the display model).
    By the way, Saks has the medium white one (white on one side and silver on the other) so you can look at the size difference... :smile:
  8. Cvanilla1- I have to look at the medium when they do have it to make sure that it is not too big. The pictures with the celebs make the bag look huge. Then again, big or huge bags are in right now. I have seen the small size, but not the medium. You are right, the leather is delicate. I guess that makes it easier to be reversible.
  9. Well, I am very nervous about whether I will like it, I don't think that I can return it?:crybaby: The delicate nature of it is concerning, as I can be hard on my bags. Anyway, it is on the way, not sure how to post pics, but will try!
  10. Just got the medium white/anthracite double. Absolutely love it.

    Hope this pic helps you decide :smile:
    Snapshot 2006-10-01 20-44-38.jpg
  11. Let me say something about the DC and MD YSL. They ARE NOT affliated with the other YSLs. They will not even accept returns from other YSLs. Don't even get me started on that women in the one in Saks Jandel. I would buy from Florida personally. Have them ship it to you if you know that's what you want for sure.
  12. Oops, just realized I got the small and not the medium. Thought the Double came in medium and large (like the muse). Anyway, I got the smaller size.
  13. Sachi & Elongreach, thanks for your replies! The white does look great! I hope the small is not too small! I am having the one from Florida shipped, especially good because I don't pay tax, whereas I would if I bought it from MD. Another poster also said that the MD/ Wash DC YSLs are not good. Great information from everyone!!!!
  14. That is gorgeous! I too, have been contemplating on getting the double bag in Bronze/Chocolate :shame:
  15. Thanks Pelinaka & Elongreach - hope you get your new bags soon!