Confused about SO process - how "special" are they?

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  1. Strange question... so I was traveling for work and made it into the Toronto H store as part of our tPF GTG, and there was a nice selection of bags!! Loved trying on the sizes!

    Anyway, after chatting for a bit, the SA showed me the swatch book and was willing to do a SO for me :yahoo:

    I'm confused though. So she said their quota for SO's is filled until the spring, but that she could get me a bag in 6 months-2 years... good huh?? And she was willing to let me SO an exotic!

    But then when I asked for a 30cm black Birkin in togo/chevre with PH, but with pink stiching and pink piping, she talked with her manager and said they weren't sure if they could do that, and if they could, it would be around 5 years... She said a SO exotic would take be shorter. But she put my name in a book, and said I can call in to change my order if I want.

    Couple of questions from that:

    1. Why is that? I thought SO's were really special orders so you could truly customize your bag?

    2. I've always wanted an exotic, and if it's a couple of years anyway, should I just switch the order to a miel or black glazed Croc? Would that be "easier" to get than a contrast stitching/piping?

    3. If I don't change it, how likely is one to find a Croc off the shelf?
  2. I've never seen croc on the shelf in a Kelly or Birkin. She probably means that the store quota for exotics still has room for your SO but if you want regular leather with contrasting stitching it falls under a different quota or allotment. I would imagine that not all stores have constant SO's for exotics so they may be able to get these quicker than say a clemence or chevre bag which is a more common and affordable request.
  3. Tweetie, SO's are bags that are made to your specifications, but Hermes will not allow you to modify the design of the bag. For example, you cannot order an Evelyne without the "H" cutout. Some modifications of design can be done for the super-VIPs, who then have to fly out to Paris to meet up with the design team who decides if it is doable or not. I think their problem was with the color combination you chose. That's not a typical bicolor combination. As for the exotics, they do show up on the shelves of the bigger stores, usually the flagship stores. NYC has gotten exotics on the shelves every few weeks. I don't know if an exotic will speed up the process.
  4. Thanks gazoo and HG! I was just so thrilled to have this door open for me as an option right now, and am just getting confused... both a black/miel Croc and a black w/ rose shocking are bags I would love to own, but I don't necessarily want to pick something that would never come!

    Maybe I'll sleep on it a bit... she said I can always change my mind, but that they would only put in one Birkin request at a time. Thanks again!!
  5. Well, only "so much"! I agree with HG, all depends on what they feel is part of the "availability " list, and leather, and who you are.:sad:
    and then maybe... how much you will spend as a " life-long " customer!:Push: :shrugs:
  6. Well...Hermes has to keep us guessing, right, otherwise what fun would this all be? I defer to HG and the other experts, but my sense is, they decide for a given year or season, what bags they are going to make in what leathers and colors...and then the ability to SO a bag depends totally on the whim of the SA, luck, and if it is not a standard combination of leathers/colors, whether the Hermes gods will grant your wish. Pre-existing combos should not present a problem if they are available. You can SO a bag of your own design IF your are granted this privilege and the design meets approval...meaning, the exact specifications need to be submitted and approved by sense is, your chances are best if your design is similar to a pre-existing Hermes design...
  7. I agree with Gazoo...