Confused about returning fakes on Paypal

  1. I ordered a few items that turned out to be fake. I filed with Paypal yadda yadda, and the sellers agree to return the items for a full refund. But the case has been closed, and it says refund has already been given, but it does not show up in my account as anything more than "pending."

    I am so confused, what is going on? I called Paypal and they said I have to return the item, but there is no "resolve" button for me to click to give the tracking number. Who has the money now? Paypal?
  2. Normally if the seller doesn't have the money in their PayPal account but issues you a refund, it takes 2-3 days for it to clear from their bank account to your PayPal account. Until then it will say "pending."
  3. I just sent an email to paypal with the dispute number and told them what I was returning and the when/how and the tracking information so someone had it- You can also call and give them this info so they will add it to the notes on the dispute. They are VERY helpful I have found once you can finally get them on the phone. It is best to call first thing or at odd hours... ;)
  4. Thanks for the reply, that makes sense, but they/Paypal have not asked me to ship this back?
  5. I have a pending in my payapl for a fake I returned. I didn't file a claim, the guy said he was willing to refund. I got the pending right after he recieved the return. It is taking forever to clear! I emailed the guy and he said the funds have already been taken out of his account. Why does paypal hold on to it sooooo long?? It has been over a week!
  6. Why do Paypal hold on to it for so long? To make money in the short-term money market!! Who me... cynical??
  7. haha ^^ITA

    So is it pending because we need to send it back first? Or What?
  8. Who you... correct!!


  9. You need to contact Paypal. I have been instructed before to not sent until they told me to and have read other claims that fake bags were to be destroyed and not returned back to the seller...:yes: