Confused about purchasing neverfull MM online tradesy

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  1. I feel like I'm missing something. Why are people asking more or near retail on Tradesy? For a used purse. I purchased my MM from the LV store w/ the pochette for $1320. I haven't purchased an LV for a year and a half. I checked the LV website did it looks like not much has changed. So confused! What's up with these peeps on tradesy? i wanted to buy a damier ebene but I'll just go to the LV store and get the whole "experience" for the kind of $ they're asking :-/
  2. Not sure but I wouldn't purchase a used bag if it's only a couple hundred dollars cheaper than new.
  3. I would not. I've seen them close to retail on eBay without the pouch. Crazy.
  4. Lately, it seems that many eBay LV offerings I'd be interested in are at almost retail or even over retail price. I personally never purchase pre-owned unless I know I am saving at least a couple hundred dollars. Otherwise, I like the whole LV experience!!!

    Some bags I like to buy used and broken in. I bought a new Artsy and could not get it comfy for me, so sold it. Same thing happened with the Portabello. For that reason, and because of the bag's size, I happily bought a pre-owned, well-broken-in Delightful GM mono and love it!
  5. I feel the same way when i look at those listings. I wont consider buying a used, however lightly, bag unless it is 20% off or more.
  6. I would guess that it's because of the commission.

    Tradesy and other consignment type portals like it take a commission, so the seller is only getting a percentage of the sale. So for people who have purchased relatively recently and the bag was gently used and it is in excellent shape they'll try to get as much of their money back as they can. Of course, the problem with this is that people with very used pieces can occasionally jump on that same bandwagon of listing close to retail, especially for limited edition pieces (which usually get listed higher than retail because of its rarity, but that only really flies for pristine condition, not for a bag with scuffed corners and scratches and stains).

    I have seen some ratty looking pieces listed for quite a lot of money and I've seen some extremely good condition pieces listed for next to nothing. It just takes a lot of time and patience to find the reasonable ones.
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  7. If they list them for close to or more than retail, it's because they can. I think the real question is: Why are people buying them?
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  8. Yes, I see a lot of these offers lately on ebay. I´m not sure if they are hoping that some people are clueless enough to actually buy these items above retail price. :huh:
    And even if they claim the items are new - for me they lose at least 20% value as soon as they are leaving the LV store.
  9. Keep in mind everyone that there is often a HUGE difference between the price listed and the actual price items sell for.

    A quick eBay search for completed auctions is the best way to get an idea of the current second-hand market value of the bag.
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  10. Funny you mention it, I was thinking the same thing when I saw a post earlier today on Tradesy selling a brand new LV for more than it is on the site online! I was thinking, "well shoot, I'll just go buy it myself at the LV store and get all the tags and receipts."

    My guess is commission or for people who may be ignorant and not know otherwise. Also, with Tradesy you can use Affirm/Paypal so maybe for those who don't have the cash, they can make monthly payments. Although, I know Louis Vuitton offers Paypal online too. Who knows...Crazy thing though, people do buy it for more than it's worth.

    You can find good deals though on Tradesy though. I literally just snagged this near new Speedy 30 damier on Tradesy for close to $500. You just have to look and dig.

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