Confused about priorities

  1. hi ladies, (warning, long post)
    i need your help prioritising my needs/wants. in approximately 6 months i will be turning 40! boohoo. actually not too sad about it, i don't think i look it, and certainly don't act it!
    The debate i am having with myself and my dh is what to buy to commemorate the occasion. The following is a list of what i am thinking, but by no means is it exhaustive. you should see my word document wish list!:drool:
    Something to remember also is that I am hoping to score gifts for previous birthdays that were not forthcoming, the fact that i have two kids and i never received the requisite bling for squeezing them out and we will be celebrating 13 years of marriage this year and well u know, i may as well get something for that too! Not being greedy, just a running joke with my dh...;)

    Here it goes:

    Bvlgari Metropolis citrine ring
    Bvlgari Parentesi diamond pave ring
    Cartier Roadster, Tank Francais or Rolex Air King or Oyster Perpetual
    VCA Alhambra necklaces and/or bracelets/rings
    Cartier Love bracelet and/or ring
    Diamond studs
    Upgrade of wedding band/e-ring. ( i do not currently wear my rings as they are way too small for me now (fingers were tiny when i married!), they are yellowgold and i don't really wear that now, and style is old-fashioned so have decided to pass down to daughters)

    personally i think i want the upgrade but again, I have yet to decide what i want to upgrade to. so many choices, so tough being a girl...... my dh has yet to specify $ limit....

    thanks in advance
  2. Hi I would get things I would like in this order.

    The wedding ring set inc engagement ring
    Diamond studs
    Love Bangle only
    Nice watch
    The rest can come later, I am sure other ladies will give you their views, good luck with your choice and Happy birthday in 6 months!x
  3. I say....

    Upgrade ring
    Diamond stud

    These three would last and be a perfect commorative gifts to keep...the others seems like you can get it at a later time....good luck and pics plz once you decide!!!

    Happy upcoming b-day!!!!!
  4. thanks sammyjoe/bagluvluv, you're so right, i need to get a grip! i have been leaning towards the upgrade/diamond studs/watch thing as they seem more significant for the occasions i am talking about. now to convince dh to let me have all three!!! and now the confusion begins on wot styles/size e-ring, watch and studs. still, gonna love the research!!!
  5. The fun part is choosing!
  6. i know i can't wait.....still, need to have the $ talk with dh. i need to know now! although i love solitaires on other women ,on me they have to be huge to look remotely good as i have chunky hands, as in seinfeld's "man hands"!. so if i was to get one, it'll have to be minimum 2 carat (either brilliant,asscher,cushion) on a thick pave band and a thick wedder as well, possibly with diamonds as well. in terms of studs, wouldn't settle for less than 1 carat in each ear (i have thick lobes, seriously!), so we are talking serious dollars so im dreaming majorly... in the end, i'll probably just settle for a wedder with diamonds going round it, and a thickish pave band as an e-ring. nice and simple and practical as a busy, clumsy mum!
  7. I have chunky hands too and I would love a cushion or princess cut, Asschers are lovely too! You should take a look at and see the section - show me the rings! It is really helpful and there is a lot of eye candy to look at, it will give you some ideas! Good luck!x
  8. sammyjoe, thanks for advice. i plan on visiting pricescope as soon as i put kids to bed!!
  9. i would upgrade the engagement and wedding ring. don't waste money on designer jewelry (unless it's an occasional piece where you absolutely fall in love with a design). i think it's better to get a great quality stone and ring from a reputable jeweler, than a couple of designer pieces that are overpriced just so everyone can see you got a cartier/bulgari/van cleef... who wants to have 'it' jewelry? i'd rather go for something unique made specially for me.
  10. sputnik, i think the thing with 'designer jewellery' is that i would not wear every day, whilst i love them to death, i would feel bad not sharing the love around amongst my collection! having said that, i still obsess over them. if you are willing to pay for it, a so-called overpriced item never feels like it coz you bought it for the right reasons, you loved it and that's all that matters.
  11. well ive just done 30 pages on pricescope in their show me the ring section and i have a headache. there are alot of rings that are set high and i just don't think that's me, though i have never tried it. so i think i have to go out and visit some stores to try on and see what looks best (with and without a manicure!)
  12. Hi, you have quite a list!!!!

    And like everything else in life its a matter of working out which will give you the most pleasure or result for your dollar!!! Im in the same boat as you with the turning 40 thing as my next bday!

    No joke but we share many things on our `lists`!!!

    I think any of the diamond jewellery eg studs, er upgrade is serious money. And you really need to take hubby now to get him used to the amount that these things will cost. And you know, us girls with big hands really cost alot more than girls who make a 1 c. er look like its going to pull their hand off!

    I also think that some of these entry level high end watches are expensive, but nowhere near the cost involved with new diamond er or studs. Like a watch that costs say 5 - 8 thousand dollars and will give you alot of the wow factor, is still much cheaper than a diamond.

    You are going to have lots of fun choosing. You sound like a very easy going person, and now is definately your turn to get something special:wlae:
  13. out of your list I would keep the ering for my dau., get a beautiful new diamond wedding band and wear just that on my left hand. second, I would get one of the Cartier watches you mentioned. third, upgrade said ering or have the diamond reset in a beautiful necklace. fourth, diamond stud earrings. this is my priority order and I hope it helps you. You are so so so lucky!!!!:girlsigh::drool:
  14. I'd upgrade your e-ring/band. Maybe look at getting no e-ring - just a large fancy eternity or a band with lots of diamonds - this way you don't have to spend a lot on a single stone.

    The second thing I'd choose is the watch. Everything else I'd put on your wishlist for the future.
  15. I think this is excellent advice, especially if there is not enough budget to go the whole er upgrade, which is the most expensive option.

    So this way, you still end up with a blingy new ring for fun and sparkle, make sure the diamonds are firey! And get a watch that screams `amazing`....something that will last for the next decade at least.