Confused About Patent Zoe

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  1. Is it me or does the pic on the Coach site of the Patent Zoe in Petrol look grey? I would love it and would order it, but I understand Petrol is like a blue/green color, right? Does anyone know if PZ comes in grey and they made a mistake, or it's just how the color came out with their graphics? Has anyone seen IRL? Thanks.:shrugs:

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  2. That's the color.
  3. it looks gray IRL too.......i dont see blue or green
  4. Then they named it wrong, because I looked up Petrol and it is described as a blue/green. But if it is this beautiful grey patent I must have! The matte grey is sort of dull IMHO.
  5. Didn't someone post a modeling pic of their Petrol Zoe and it had a blueish/purplish cast to it? You might want to do a search for Zoe
  6. If that's so, Coach needs to adjust their website graphics - it prints in grey too! I don't usually like to go to the boutique and like to order online, but I don't want to order just to return.
  7. It's grey.
  8. I just went to My new patent petrol zoe... thread,and the bag, tho a beautiful color, looks blue/purple. Coach must've made a mistake or it's just hard to photograph accurately!:confused1:
  9. I just saw this bag at Macy's and it is, without a doubt, gray in blue/green/purple etc, simply gray.
  10. Calling it Petrol is very misleading then. I remember Marc Jacobs came out with his quilted multipocket with the chain strap in "Petrol" and it was indeed a teal-like color.
  11. I saw it IRL over the weekend, and the patent one is definitely a gray...kind of like the Legacy gray. At first I didn't realize it was petrol because the leather Hamptons bags are a dark bluish gray.
  12. They should just friggin' call it "Grey" then!:rolleyes:. Thanks all, I probably will order it, it's very tempting.