Confused about ordering rules!!

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  1. I just called Jax and asked about large sabrina and he said they are expected in the warehouse tomorrow!! But he said they allow a week just in case transit gets delayed to the warehouse. And he said they can be back ordered now so. . .
    my question is and I forgot to ask Jax does this mean to use PCE the bags need to be in the warehouse or can PCE be used for a back order if the bags aren't there tomorrow?? Ha ha I an waiting till the last day to use PCE.
  2. Backordered items can't be used for PCE but someone on here said the large will be available to order tomorrow.
  3. Awesome!!
  4. Yes, they had told me the Large in leather would be available tomorrow, but the hurricane has probably delayed some things so not sure it that is still a good day. The Small leather is available in a few colors right now and both sizes in the patent are available right now - you can use your PCE on those, but you can't do a pre-order with PCE (which sucks!). I ended up ordering the Lg. Sabrina in the green patent.
  5. I cannot wait to see your PAtent Sabrina!! It looked so pretty in the book!
  6. Did you use your PCE on the green patent? Do you have a pic of it or the color?

    What colors are available right now that can be ordered w/the PCE?
  7. Do you have the item number for the green patent??
    Also curious on the measurements?? I'm a big bag girl !!
  8. Here's the thing... When the bags first "arrive" at JAX, they go through QC checks. That may be really quick or take days (depending on unpacking and queue). Usually if you get beyond the initial CS person at JAX, they can give you a fairly decent time estimate because they can check the status and see whether it's gone through QC or in the process. Once the bags have gone through QC, the inventory info is uploaded and they become "available".

    Until that "available" point, it's called a "backorder" or "preorder" status, and you cannot use PCE. My SA said the reason why you can't use PCE on backorder is because you have to process that type of order differently, so they cannot enter the PCE info.

  9. I was told by a manager today that everything is back to normal at JAX and there should be no delays. Of course, I hope she's right!!