confused about muse sizes

  1. Can anyone please explain me how may sizes there are for the muse???

    I thought there were 3 (small, medium and large) but what about the oversized muse????

    I went to the YSL store yesterday and i thought i bought a medium muse.....there was a even smaller muse than mine.....and one larger than mine

    so do i have the medium or the large one now??

    i am so confused....:huh: :blink: Can anybody help me??:angel:

    here is a pic of my muse:heart:
  2. There are four sizes for the Muse: Small, Medium, Large and Oversized. The Small is more of an evening bag though, and it is quite small. The Medium, Large and Oversized are the three most common sizes.

    It's hard to tell from your photo whether or not your bag is the Medium or the Large since there are no other items in the shot by which to provide a size scale.

    Price would certainly be a factor in determining which size you have. The Medium Muse retails for $1095 while the Large retails for $1195.
  3. Thank angstofgumpy!!!

    i paid 945 Euro for my muse..i don't know if that helps u.....maybe you can tell from that pic what size my muse is...:sad:
  4. I think that's a medium... But I could be wrong.
  5. darelgirl, congrats on your beautiful bag! It looks like a medium muse to me too!
  6. thank you!!!

    but how can i be sure? is it written somewhere in the interior of the bag?:huh:
  7. I think you have the medium - which is the smallest size of the everyday Muse line (non-evening).
  8. ^^Darling puppy!

    Darelgirl--I don't think they mark the "size" inside the bag at all...
  9. Actually I think yours is a large...if you look at the proportions..
    the white one is a medium (9.5hx14Lx2w) and the black is a large (11hx17.5Lx5w). I hope the measurements help.
    YSL med9.5hx14Lx2w.jpg YSL large11hx17.5Lx5w.jpg
  10. Unfortunately there are no markings inside the bag that indicate size.

    I think that your bag is the Large.
  11. girls thank you sooooo much!!! you are the best!!!:love: :love:
  12. ok, i went to YSL with my muse and the SA told me that there are 3 sizes (medium, large and oversized),.... and i have the LARGE :smile::smile::smile:
  13. congrats on your very nice bag!
  14. Darelgirl - 945 euros is for the large Muse. I'm very sure about that because I called YSL Paris to order it in April.
  15. thank you tammy D....i went to the YSL store again with the bag to be sure and yes, i have the LARGE muse :smile: