Confused about Miroir Lockit

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  1. Ok, so we all know that the miroir lockit is coming out but which miroir lockit? The regular size or the one that are like the Suhali lockit? or both? :confused1: And how limited are they? Will it be as hard to get as the speedys? I know my store is only getting 2 silver lockit and no gold lockit. TIA!
  2. I heard the regular sized lockit.I don't know how limited they will be but my boutique has reserved silver & gold for me. I don't think anyone knows how limited are though. Hope i have helped a lil bit!
  3. I was told very very limited
  4. Very limited and regular sized from my knowledge.
  5. I can confirm that it is the regular sized Lockit of the monogram range (which is small IMO)
  6. So what is this that I see on other threads that there will be Suhali size Miroir? It is only one size then, right?
  7. Suhali size Miroir? :shrugs:

    There will be more colors coming out in the Suhali Lockit if that's what you're referring to? :hrmm:
  8. I heard from my SA today that global stores here in California (South Coast Plaza, San Francisco, Rodeo Dr.) will be getting only 15 gold and 15 silver miroir lockits at each location. The LV at Neiman Marcus is only getting 1 gold and 2 silver --- all three are already spoken for. (I have the silver!!! Yippee!) She said she's been turning away so many people who have asked about the miroir lockits. Thanks to tPF, I was on the top of the list for the silver!
  9. 15 gold and 15 silver? That's still quite a few, for "very, very" limited...I thought each store would get like 2 or 3 max, that's what I call very limited.
  10. Yes, I think I understand now. I was a little confused. Thanks!
  11. That's a total of 30! That does not sound so limited:tdown:

    I too, am the top of the list:yahoo: Thanks to those who shared this "top secret" info with us:tup:

  12. I know what you mean. Perhaps this is LV's version of "very, very limited" when MOST of their stores will only be getting 2 or 3 pieces. When you consider the high sales volume of these global stores, then their allotment is certainly something LV could consider very, very limited. :shrugs: Oh well. At least it is still LE, right?
  13. I sure hope so...Someone mention that it will not be as limited as the speedys.
  14. I few people have gotten calls from there stores to narrow down what colour they want they have been told their store is only getting about 2 of each color it varies a little but generally so far it's been 2-3 one store even said they aren't getting any gold
  15. I have been told (in Australia) it will be very, very limited, MUCH more than the last lot of miroirs (around here anyway). The main Melbourne store told me they will only be getting ONE (thats what they told me anyway, not necesserily true), and by the sound of it the other store in Melbourne (where i shop) are unlikely to recieve any, they put in a special request for me but im not getting my hopes up. Both of these stores got plenty of the last lot of miroir items.
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