confused about marking on bag listed on ebay

  1. I am sure that one of you knowledgable ladies will be able to help me with this question. I am looking at a MJ blake bag on ebay. In the listing the seller says:

    Purchased at Nordstrom, this was an all sales final item and to prevent store returns there is a small stud on the interior pocket. Please note that this does not affect the quality or appearance of this gorgeous bag in any way.

    Click here: eBay: MARC JACOBS NEW SPEARMINT GREEN BLAKE SATCHEL BAG $975 (item 7773741414 end time Jun-15-06 19:05:13 PDT)

    what does this mean. Do department stores really do this? And why? Wouldn't this kind of marking effect the resale or collectors value?

    Thanks in advance for any help :flowers:
  2. Never heard of that, but you might call Nordies and see if they might tell you if that is true.....
  3. Some stores do that when a bag is sent to an outlet so that it's not returned to one of the boutiques or to the company to be repaired. At least a stud is better than a marker through the inside label or a razor slice through it, which some places also practice. They are not as concerned about resale value as they are about losing money on a return. I've never seen Nordstrom do it, so likely the seller purchased it from another outlet. It's certainly not going to sell for as much as an unmarked bag (just as you are questioning it, so are other bidders).

    Any one have any other thoughts?
  4. Christy, I have never seen that at my local Nordstrom. I'm not sure about Nordstrom Rack & Off Saks, maybe, members who shopped there before can help.
  5. I have never known Nordstrom to put anything on "final sale." It's possible that the seller has a deal to buy repaired, returned and suspected used or defective items from Nordstrom for wholesale, as they typically won't resell these items, even at the Rack. I've heard that some eBay sellers have these types of arrangements with major dept. stores. Perhaps this is why it could be marked with a stud. The bag looks good to me--I remember the spearmint color and all the details look right, though in the photos the pale yellow interior looks tan. You may want to request a better photo of the interior to see the true color and the stud.

    Good luck!
  6. my computer is going insane and just erased my post! argh

    my nordstrom's doesn't do that to any of its sale items.
    items at outlets may be intentionally marked so that they cannot be returned to dept stores at original retail price. for example, at nordstrom rack, i have seen shoes marked with a felt-tip pen. some places even gouge holes in the item (so terrible- like defacing the item, imo). the marking of the item does not necessarily have any bearing on authenticity.

    good luck with this bag. spearmint is a very pretty color!
  7. Thanks for all your help! :biggrin:
  8. Just to add that sometimes neiman marcus last call mark their bags so that you don't try to return it for store credit. I believe that if you buy it at the last call clearance center, it not under the same "warranty" policy as if you bought it at the store. I'm sure that other department stores outlets do something similar in order to protect themselves.
  9. I'm not sure if this is helpful, but the last time I was at Nordstrom Rack the MJ bags were all tagged as final sale, no return bags--I didn't check to see if they were marked inside but I assumed they were final sale bc people were possibly buying MJ bags and returning fakes to the store. none of the other bags were marked as final sale bags (including Kate Spade, Ugg, etc)