Confused about LV KALAHARI GM

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  1. I'd like very much to buy a LV KALAHARI bag (dream of GM but I can do PM) yet I'm confused. All that are available for sale, even from sellers that were recommended in this forum, have same issue and doesn't match the original. For reference I looked at pictures from Madonna add, runway, Lv online and one posted by a member here from from actual LV STORE. On all of them:

    - LV logo isn't cut off on the front edges (while all others malleries, ebay have LV cut in several places)

    - 2 buckle with the decorative beads in front, cut the LV material in different places, angle of flower and diamond, and not flower and circle.

    - in PM version, the holes for rope on both sides are on top of the flower not under.

    - also I'm confused with the color of the bead's ball, in LV store it's yellow, and not brownish.

    I'm requesting anyone who bought this bag from actual store, to exam and share their thoughts in this regard. Thank you in advance!

    ps. For reference:

    1. picture posted before by member from actual LV store (yellow round bead), angle of bucklets: flower-diamond

    2. picture from LV online

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  2. Additional Pictures,

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  3. Although I cannot help, I'm interested to see the responses.
  4. Anyone with a KALAHARi gm or Pm from LV store?
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  5. KALAHARI lovers, where are you :smile:?
  6. ^ I suggest you search this forum for old Kalahari reveals and contact the owners directly via private message.
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    Took me a while going back and forth between pictures to realize your concerns but I think I get it now lol.

    Regarding the beads: I think the first picture was taken at a preview event of the Spring 2009 collection and chances are they are prototype from the show used for displayed only. Sometimes the actual products were altered before hitting the shelves, so minor changes like the bead's color, I doubt they spent time retouching the picture for the website. I think all of the Kalahari GMs in Monogram I have seen have brown beads on them, not yellow like the website shown. Maybe they did release the version with yellow round beads too, but the brown was definitely on production back in '09.

    About the placement of the holes, the same think lol. Most reveals I saw the holes were placed at a slight different position than the stock pictures on the website. My guess is they applied a few minors changes to the final products but since they are hardly noticeable, they still uploaded the picture of the original prototype. I have a folder contains the press pictures they used for the website and I see the differences between those pictures and the real products all the time lol.

    My suggestion is to ask the guys over at The Authentication Thread before buying any bag from any reseller website but I don't think you should worry too much about those small changes. Hope this help!
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it!
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