Confused about pricing...please help!

  1. I have been bvrowsing Jimmy Choo's website ( and noticed their prices seem lower than Nordstrom/Saks/NM, etc...

    For example:
    I did the currency conversion on the following bags:

    Ramona [1100 euro = $1471] vs. $1850 @
    Bronze Mahala [795 euro = $1063] vs. $1650 @ Nord

    Am I missing something here- are there hidden fees??

    Thanks for your help! :p
  2. If you live in the U.S. You need to enter that as your country. The prices will show up in the U.S. dollar. The price you see includes import duties already. The shipping is an additional $30 or so. There are a few bags that look less expensive on the european sites but I did not see the ones you mentioned. Maybe limited sale??
  3. sorry a little late to answer, but my SA told me there was a recent price increase on the classic collection. not sure if this would account for part of the discrepancy :o)