Confused about Hobos!

  1. :confused1: Hello....can someone please help me but I'm a bit unsure about Hobos!:confused1:

    Im looking for a Hobo but the pictures I've seen are confusing me... I want the style with the rounded bottom but some photos (specifically on eBay) seem to have a squarer bottom but are still called hobos!

    Is it just the photos making them look like they have square bottoms or are there different styles ?

    What is the one with the round bottom actually called and from what year?!

    Hope all this talk about round bottoms makes sense :smile:
  2. Thank you for your excellent reply ! And great photos...

    On the search for a GH Hobo!
  3. I agree...excellent response!! People often call the Day bag the Hobo (after all, it is a "hobo"-ish style), so this is a common point of confusion.
  4. ....oh me, oh my, your GH Vert Gazon hobo is gorgeous, south-of-france!!!!!!
  5. ^off topic but I traded that one for a cognac Spy, I'm just not a GGH person! Although the vert gazon was such a pretty color and leather!

    Good luck with the search!
  6. Well if you're going to trade a VG hobo as beautiful as that, I suppose it should be for another beautiful bag! Baby spy or regular sized? The spy's leather is really wonderful, I ogle, but I'm all about balenciaga at the moment. I'm actually selling off all non-Bal stuff so I can buy more Bal. I'm in love! :love:.