Confused about European sizing. What's my size?

  1. Ok, I am confused. I used to think that if I am an 8.5 US that I would be a 38.5 in Euro sizing.

    The first time I ordered CL without trying them on first I ordered in 39 (thinking I was sizing up) and they were way too small. When I took them to be stretched the cobbler told me it was no wonder they didn't fit since 8.5 is a 39.5 Euro. I thought he was mistaken.
    I wear 38.5 in Miu Miu but now I hear they are cut big. Help! I am so confused.

    I did an internet search and I found that most of the shoe size conversion webpages I found say a US 8.5 is a European 39. So to summarize my confusion.
    Shoe guy claims US 8.5=Euro 39.5
    Zappos says US 8.5=Euro 38.5
    About 4 or 5 webpages I found say US 8.5=Euro 39

    Who is right? I know the best way to know is to measure your foot and then get the dimensions of the shoe. I'm really wondering about standard sizing. TIA.
  2. Found this on Zappos' website:

    I guess it depends on the designer as well as some run small, some run big and some tts. Hope this helps?

    I'm a US size 7 1/2 or 8 (wide feet) and I usually wear a 37.5 in Euro sizing but I needed a 38.5 for my Jimmy Choos...who knows?
  3. I normally wear a 8.5 shoe and I usually wear 39 in Euro. In some of the smaller brands like MB I have to go to a 39.5. I also have to go to a 39.5 for most flats (like ballet flats). Anything I need a sock for like boots I also size up a half size to 39.5. Sandals and pumps I almost always wear a 39. Hope this helps...
  4. 8.5 is an 38.5 but shoes sizes vary zo much that i wouldn't count on it
  5. ^ i agree. I normally wear a US 5.5 but i've bought between 35 to 36.5 in EUR sizes. It really depends on the shoe, but if i purchase a 35.5 its usually the perfect size.
  6. Most internet guides are wrong on this! I also used to think 39 = 9, 40 = 10, etc, but not so. Even NM and other HE stores label their shoes incorrectly. I wear an 8.5 or 9, and a 40/40.5 is perfect. So, imo, a lot of shoes that are "running small" are actually just being purchased in the wrong size. I have a pair of Chloe shoes that are a 39.5 and they hurt like hell after about 3 hours, too small. The rest of them are correct. My mom has some "Born" comfort shoes and they are correctly marked 8.5/40. HTH!
  7. Though I'm a rookie myself when it comes to designers and their sizing, I'm almost positive that you were correct.

    A 8.5 is the same as a 38.5 (technically).

    I just think that some of their sizes run small, so some people may assume a 8.5 is equivalent to a 39.5.
  8. I've found CL sizing is incredibly erratic. On another forum, I put together this list of popular CL styles and how much you should size up or down (and then keep in mind this might vary depending on the width of your foot):

    Miminette: TTS w/ some stretch.
    Numero Prive: TTS.
    Very Prive: TTS; suede will stretch slightly;
    Helmut: 1-1.5 sizes large (if you are a 39, take a 37.5/38);
    Gwenissima: TTS.
    Pigalle: TTS … maybe size down a half, b/c of the 5-inch heel;
    Decollete: ½ size small;
    Simple: TTS; however, going up ½ size advisable for wider feet;
    Dickensera: ½ size small;
    Cage Zeppa: ½ size small;
    Clichy: TTS;
    Mlle. Marchand: TTS;
    Kitten heel ballerina: TTS.
    Mrs. Boxe: TTS—a little small, but not a whole ½ size.
    Gabine: 1 size small.
  9. Now, I have to add a disclaimer--TTS is not really what it seems.

    For example, I wear a pretty standard 8.5 in most "American shoes," like the Jessica Simpson brand (gross example, but whatever) or Steve Madden.

    However--In Manolos, I take a 39.5 in every style but the Sedaraby. In Choos I have to size up to a 39.5, too. In CLs, I usually have found that my "TTS" size is a 39. So, I have the black suede VP in a 39. Here's the caveat--the same style, VP, in patent leather, I would go up to a 39.5, because there is less stretch in the material of the shoe.

    Does that make any sense at all? I feel like I just wrote a Choose Your Own Adventure novel or something.

    What style are you looking at now?
  10. Thanks for your input guys. I'm actually not looking for a particular style. I was just wondering whether I was mistaken about what TTS means for me. If 8.5 is really and truly 38.5 TTS means something different than if 8.5 is actually a real/true 39 in European sizing. Does that make any sense? I began to think maybe I'm not really "sizing up" to 39 in so many shoes, maybe a US 38.5 is a true 39 Euro. That's why I started looking around on the web and found that several sites say exactly that! One even said that US 8.5 is a Euro 39-39.5. It sure would explain why so many of us think that designer shoes run small and need to be sized up from our "normal" size like Blue Hour Girl indicates.

    Legaldiva, that is a great list you compiled. Thanks! I know that will come in handy when I figure out my "true size." You raise exactly my point. What if 39 or 39.5 is the equivalent of my US size? Then if I bought a pair of shoes in 39 I wouldn't be sizing up. KWIM? And I know that of course some designers/styles are kooky but generally speaking I wonder what the "correct" translation of US shoe sizes to European is.

    Boy, people complain about vanity sizing when it comes to clothes. Shoes aren't easy to size either!!!