Confused about Ebay search options

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  1. This is weird ! On the site I was using the new search feature where you could click on the options to see Sold/Active or Completed auctions for a specfic item . I found this really helpful for pricing etc.

    Now I don't see it anymore!! Am I losing it?
  2. Probably not. Ebay is notorious for constantly tweaking things that don't need tweaking. There are a few features that I used that are no longer there----or they are hidden so well that I would need both hands and a flashlight to find them.
  3. there's the "completed listings" filter option under "show only", is that what you are referring to?
  4. No I don't think so. There were three choices you could click on-sold,completed or active.
  5. Oh and there was also a thingie that used to pop up and let you see the average price an item sold for--that's gone too.
  6. Ebay likes to test stuff with certain users. I'm guessing that you're seeing a beta feature. I don't see any new search options in my account.
  7. I swear I haven't been smoking anything either!! :lol:
  8. I'm not seeing them now either,
  9. it's been available on and off for me for a couple of months now. it was always available for the first few weeks - long enough that i thought it was a permanent change - but then it disappeared for few days, reappeared for a few days, disappeared again, etc. right now i don't have the option but did on friday.

    i don't know if format varied, but for me it looked like a normal search page only with 'sold listings' and 'completed listings' links above the sorting tabs
  10. Sometimes the completed button is at the top of the page, sometimes on the navigation bar to the left. I've been able to see completed listings consistently, though as a seller I'm not happy to see 3+ months of completed history, showing how many times my item has been relisted.
  11. You're not crazy. :P Currently, I can see the active/sold/completed tabs on IE but not on Firefox. (logged into the same accounts) Sooo... probably just a weird eBay thing.
  12. Were these tabs at the top where it says all items, auctions only, buy it now, etc.?
  13. Yeah. The "all, auction, buy it now" tabs were moved to the left column and in their place are the "active listings, sold listings, completed listings" links.
  14. Just an update--the active, sold, and completed aution links are are once again showing for me!
  15. Completeds weren't showing for me last night. I was seeing only one Prada bag having ended on 10/30 and only 11 LV. Someone else showed more, but a particular seller's items that I had been watching and knew had ended didn't show up for her either.